Monday, February 22, 2016

au Benin

It is hot!!!!

it is getting so hot. and they cut the power at night. and the mosquitos.... oh man...


it is getting so hot... and its only getting hotter.... and they think its funny to cut it out at night. But its all good. its all in a days work.
well its been another great week here akpakpa. Elder Kola and I are cooking in the secteur (no really the sun is cooking us). But we are also doing some good work. Weve been finding a lot of new investigators which is nice. we are filtering those who are prepared and those who arent. as sad as that is to say, its something that needs to be done. there are some people who just dont care about what we have to say to them. a lot of them talk to us because a white guy is coming, or they think we will give them money. but, weve been doing pretty good at making it clear why we come.
so,we went to go teach saizonou,she is from togo (and she actually lives in wuiti) and she goes back to togo often to preach the gospel also. hes fun to teach. she totally believes in the book of mormon. anyways she told us a fun fact. they found Noahs arch! haha? Elder Kola and I just looked at each other and then said "okay".
we've been continuing with Baudelaire. he is understanding the lessons, and is attending seminary. he has told us that the church is true... but he doesnt come to church!!!! ahhhhh!!!! every sunday he has to drive down to porto novo (capital of benin) to bring money to some family there. thats causing us some difficulties, but we will work it out with him. The good thing is that a lot of members live in his parcel. so they are helping a lot. 
We are still teaching christina. she is from congo. she told us this week that she doesnt want to come to our branch anymore because "the members arent serious about the gospel". so, she is going to continue to go to finagnon. at least shes going to church. but, we are going to try and help her to come to church with us!!! 
So, Ruth will hopefully be getting baptized on saturday. we went to talk with her parents yesterday. Her dad is mad at god right now. he really wants to get baptized but cant. Him and his "wife" arent married. and they litterally have no money to get married. They need 50000 cfa to get married. but its like he said, "the money i make just goes to feed my children." Julien and Leoni are very very very poor. i dont think i can describe it. lets just say no electricty, house made of tin and sticks. He complained how he is sick of suffering, and it seems like god just doesnt care about him. He explained how his dad died at 3 yearsold, and how he starved for his whole childhood. So he left home at 10 to go and find a life, and now he said he has his family, and that his kids are suffering like him. He then went on to explain how all he wants is baptism for him and his family. but god isnt even helping him with that. he than cried. We explained that God loves him, and that he shouldnt give up, and that christ understands, and that all of this is part of god plan. so.... he said a lot of stuff. i dont know if ill fit it all in an email.
so, my week was pretty great.
I love you all,
Elder Magré 


Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Another Pday

Alex Pday

Kitchen in Benin


week one in benin.... And the power cuts out so much. 33 hours.


33 hours of no power. im not even kidding when i say this, but power here is run mostly on back up generators. its crazy. my first day in akpakpa they cut the power twice.... lets just say, the power cuts out at least 3 to 4 times a day. each for about 2 or three hours. the other day it cut out 6 times... benin...
Besides frequent power outages where do i begin!  Elder kola (or elder koka-kola as we call him) are doing some great work here. we are both ready to work hard and transform this secteur around!! when i said last week that this secteur is a Muslim area. i wasnt kidding. everyone here is muslim and when you think they arent, they are... a lot of the members here are converted from islam which is interesting... but, there still are a lot of christians here though. its split probably 50 50. the cool thing about africa though is that people are so open about religion. voodoo, Muslim, christian, everyone is still interested in what ever you have to offer them.
Benin though is much more difficult work wise than Togo. Togo is small, and Lome is just a giant village. Cotonou however.... I now understand why people say that beninois people are "wicked". I have never knocked on so many doors on my mission. we are tracting so much. and un like lome, where people are interested, people here just flat out say "i honestly dont care". so, thats exciting.
with that being said, we have found a lot of good investigators this week. and we were able to fix four baptism dates.
One of this is for a young girl named ruth. Her parents come to church, but the dowry is blocking them from baptism. so, we decided to fix a baptism date with her. her parents needed some convincing because they said that ruth is a mean disobedient girl, but in the end they agreed that it was for the best.
The dowry here is so much simpler than in togo however. marriage is so complicated over there. i honestly cant explain it.
in benin however, you go to town hall, and pay 50 bucks, and you are married! so much easier!  the thing is ruths dad is unemployed and 25000 cfa is a lot of money for people have. money that people dont have. but, he said by april he will have enough money to get married.
so, church was interesting. a member got up and started yelling at a lady during testimony meeting. I guess the members here dont get a long with each other, and the branch president (who is togolese!!!) cant handle the situation. Its complicated and a story for another time.
i love you all,
Elder Magre,
by the way, Elder Kola is teaching me a ton of lingala. its super easy! nalo baka lingala!!!