Monday, May 23, 2016

rain or sun!!!!!

I dont know whats worse. the sun, or the rain.

Its hot and then the rain comes it gets really wet. I dont know which one I like. Oh rainy season. You hate us so much. but thats okay. 
I think the worst part of rainy season is the flooded roads. There really is no escaping getting wet.
The week went well. We found a ton of new investigators, and we had a baptism. Loriveil got baptized. Her testimony freaked us out a little bit though. she said "i felt the evil spirits leave me" (remember that here in benin  VooDoo is a big deal... and totally a real thing). haha. life is going well.
So, we did splits for most of the week actually. I worked with Elder Arek on tuesday in Menontin. We went to the far part of the secteur. it was fun. I love arek, We spent 6 months in togo with each other, and now 3 months here in benin. 
On Wednesday i worked with elder miller in zogbo, and that was great. we had a good time. We taught some good lessons and ate some chawarmas. 
So, we started teaching a guy named olivier from Chad. Sadly the church isnt in chad, but he is really interested, and loves the things we are teaching him.
so, there really isnt to much to say about this week.
Just know that I love you all!
Elder Magré

Another week

Just say Yes



,there is a tabacco company here called  "just say yes" so, when i teach the word of wisdom I tell them to "Just say no". It takes them a tew seconds to understand the joke, but they get it eventually.
It was so great to talk to you yesterday Mother and Father! sounds like everything is going well.
so, the week went well. I love my new companion he is the motivation i need. seriously. He is ready to work hard and i love it. He's a great guy.
this week we fixed a lot of baptismal dates, and have planned to fix a ton more. we've also found a two new families, and one of them came to church this week! so, that is always a great sign. 
Thursday morning i went and did a split with elder miller. He came to show me where some of the members live in my area. No wonder i dont know where any of them live... they live far. wow. but, its not that bad.  I got to meet a new inactive family here in our area. They love the church, the wife just has some problems with the former primary president... and former branch president... and a lot of the leaders. but now that we are a ward, and they have all been realesed, she says that she will come. so, we will be working with her and her husband a lot. 
My companion had his birthday last week, we went out and ate some rabbit! it was really good, then we had a birthday cake.
so, we went and taught one of my converts floride. we asked her if she had started to read the book of mormon. she said no... but as we looked at the pages we saw that she had marked a lot of verses. well turns out, she read a lot of the book of mormon, more, than we had left her to read! and she understood everything!
so, everything is going well here!
love you all!
Elder Magré

les baptemes

My week without a companion