Monday, September 14, 2015

Another week

Week number.... i lost count at week 2



so, its been a pretty boring week. not going to lie. nothing to
interesting or exciting happened here in togo.
so, those five baptisms... yeah, its going to be more like 2. So,
turns out one of our Amis, lodonou, has an alcohol problem. we figured
this out when he showed up to one of our lessons drunk. the good
thing, is that we had planned to teach the word of wisdom that day.
His good friends are going to be baptized(Eric, and David) but not
lodonou. if he stops drinking, we will baptize him.
Gladys, is another lady we were suppose to baptize, but she is leaving
for the village next week for her daughters wedding. She kind of has
her own problems too. the famous dowry. but, she was married in Ghana.
so, In ghana, the dowry is legal marriage. if you are married
traditionally, then you are also married by the state too. the problem
is that she has no paperwork to actually prove that she was married...
I hate, hate, hate the dowry. Again, we cant baptize her because of
Amouzou, still hasnt come to church. every week its the same problem.
He says he is coming, but he doesnt. I wish there was something we
could do! He is too poor, to get at taxi, and he is handicapped, so
the distance would be to far for him to walk.
So, I got a question last week about what I actually do in the office.
So, my job is a little bit different that what the office elders in
benin do. I work on all of the missionaries travel documentation. I
also, am in charge of keeping track of all of the money the church
spends for the mission in togo and making sure the mission has money
to spend in togo. I look at every receipt, and all of the despense
sheets, where I classify them by date, and put it on a working fund,
that i send to my mission president, who then sends  it to ghana.
Ghana then processes the paiment, and I go and look to see if the
money is in the bank account. If its not (which is common thanks to
the african banking system) I go, and yell at the bank, and tell them
to give us our money!!! Its actually kind of fun. I also drive around
dropping off brochures and other missionary supplies to the
missionaries. And then I get to help my comp with all of his stuff
too. its all very exciting.
But, im not going to lie, There I times where i have no idea what im
doing. but its a learning experience.... or something like that.
this next week is going to be super exciting though. president is
going to be going to togo for interviews, so we are going to driving
around lome for the next week, and helping president. so, im excited.
I hope you all have a great week.
Love you

One year!!!

a year in review



well. its official. last friday I hit my one year mark! its crazy. I honestly cant believe that ive already done one year on my mission. I dont know where the time has gone. It seems like yesterday I was arriving in Ghana, and watching people fight for luggage at a baggage claim.
A lot has happenend. and my point of view has changed. arriving here, I thought I was going to be teaching in african villages, and baptizing in rivers... while taking pictures of me and lions. but sadly no. I thought I was going to be serving in benin!! but, to my surprise, Im serving In togo. not even in the same country I was called too. (I could still serve in Benin though... but from what ive seen of benin, I like togo better).
But this past year I have grown to love the people here in west Africa as well the culture. I am so thankful for all of the people I have met, and for all of the friendships I have made that will last through the eternities.
I have also learned so much about rastafarianism. interesting...
so, my week itself went well.
It was really interesting because we didnt really have a car to do our... job...
so, we were working in our area!!!! it was great, we took some time to go and see some of our investigators.
So, on the 19th of september we should have three or more baptisms. we are planning and praying for five, but we never know!!!
Two of the guys we are teaching are named David and Eric. we taught them the restoration and invited them for baptism. They loved it so much, and they felt the spirit so strong that they excepted. our next rendez vous we taught them, and they invited one of their friends as well!!!
the next is amouzou. we have been working with him for a while. He is having some trouble coming to church since he lives really far, has no money, and has a serious handicap on his left leg.... but he came on sunday. so, we were really happy to see him!
So, we went to souza this last week to go pick something up. and I saw that someone that looked really familiar. She was the niece of Eric! one of  my converts. He had invited her to his baptism. anyways, she was having her baptism interview. at the end of the interview, the sister missionaries asked who she wanted to baptize her, and she pointed to me!
so, i got to baptize her, and her younger brother! it was such a cool experience. I had taught the uncle, and the uncle gave me a contact that I had sent, and i was later able to baptize them. Sadly, I wasnt able to get any pictures of the baptism. but one of the sister missionaries has it, so, ill try and get it from her.
So, Later that day, we went on splits in bekpota. and i actually saw eric. He wasnt able to come to the baptism because of work. but As I was walking he pulled up next to me on his moto! I was so surprised!
overall it was a great week!
So, again, i cant believe that my mission is half way over. Its shocking.
But, Im thankful to be here. I love the work im doing, and im so thankful for all of your help and support! I Hope year number 2 will be just as great and crazy as year number 1.
With love,
Elder Magre

Thursday, September 3, 2015

A crazy week

Its been a CRAZY week at the office!!!


 OH man, I honestly dont know how to tell you guys how much fun ive had this week.absurd.its been a fantastic week!
So, On monday we drove to benin. We got there, had our office meeting, and then just hung out at the office all day. I got to meet the new missionaries. They came to do the trainer/trainee meeting. New missionaries are so funny! Its just so awesome to see how enthusiastic they are about the work! Anyways, president announced that on thursday we were going to go to kpalimé again with him! So, we were super excited!
Tuesday, we went back to togo. nothing to exciting
on Wednesday we had a training for all of the District leaders, and taught them the importance or what they have to do.
ok, now the fun part. Kpalimé with president. so, Elder dih, teaupa, merrill, and me, wake up super excited to go to kpalimé. And president calls us and tells us that we are going in missionary clothing. We were kind of mad because well... kpalimé is a little to rugged to be wearing our missionary clothing. but we went with it.
So, we drove to kpalimé and went to the first waterfall, the same ones I had been before. It was cool. we had a lot of fun.
Then we went to waterfall number 2 (this is where it gets crazy. so, we driving up a mountain. the road is super narrow, and its a sheer cliff on one side of the road, and its of course dirt and rocks. but we made it safely up this mountain. we get there, and it starts pouring rain. Super duper hard! We walk a little way to like a visitor thing, where a bunch of white guys are living. They make chocolate and stuff like that.
So, its pouring rain, and the guide takes us to see the waterfall. so we start walking through the rain in our missionary clothing THROUGH AN AFRICAN VILLAGE BUILT IN THE MOUNTAINS (mud huts and everything) to go see a waterfall.
The waterfall was amazing. so cool. It was really big, and it was just outstanding.
on the way back to the visitor place we had to walk through rivers, and climb over dead trees (in our missionary clothes). so, we got back wet, and super excited about what had just happened.
Then we drove down the mountain. I thought I was going to die. The road was now muddy, and it was still super narrow. and water was flying off the mountain.
towards the bottom of the mountain we stopped to see a third waterfall.
And you guys wont believe what we saw.
So first we heard a noise. the guide said that they were CHIMPANZEES!!!!!!! and then we saw them in the trees jumping around. they were way to far away to get a good look at them, but you could still see the figures and them moving around in the trees!!!!
How awesome is that!!!
But, my day wasnt over.
The brakes on our truck broke. just enough to get us back to lomé... safely
so, Im not going to lie, I have the best mission in the world. Africa is crazy, and I love it.
I hope you all have a great week! I love you all,
Elder Magré


waterfall in Togo

work in the office in Togo

How are you guys? I hope everything is going well and that everyone is happy and healthy (with the exception to you kim)
well, The week went well. It was again another super busy and productive week with transfers and everything. 
Last monday we decided to take a pday. so, we went and played soccer with some other missionaries and some members from their branch. And it went well. Until the bank called me and said I needed to confirm a check that I had already confirmed. So, then most of the morning consisted of me in a bank trying to confirm a check. the reason they couldnt confirm. Because there were "to many phone numbers on our contact list". It was obsurd. but it was still a great day.
Tuesday was fun. I got to take missionaries to their new apartments. It took up pretty much the whole day. Not because Lomé is very big, but because Sister missionaries take forever to say good bye. But it was fun. It was a pain, but it was a lot of fun.
Tuesday Night, Elder Dih decided to go on splits. So, I dropped him off in Ablogame, and picked up Elder Gnamien (who I lived with in Kodjoviakopé) and We went off to work in kelegougan for 24 hours. I have never worked in my secteur. Before, we had another team of missionaries working there. but now, its just Elder Dih and I so we are now working our secteur. (before we were going to teach in Agoe. The stake is preparing to put a branch overe there, and we are going to put missionaries there too. so we are kind of getting work ready.) 
So, We walked around and taught some of  our investigators. I just pretty much concentrated on those with a baptism date set. It was a great day. A day in the secteur. somthing I really miss.
Thursdays I got to be a part of an international transfer. The Benin Assistants dropped off the missionaries, on the benin  side of the boarder. Elder Dih and I crossed the boarder with the missionaries in togo going to benin. when we got to the other side we swaped missionaries than crossed the boarder again. 4 stamps in 20 minutes. My passport has so many stamps.
The international transfer was really weird. I kept thinking it was some sort of prisoner exchange or something. I have officially been a part of an international transfer!
Then Friday we dropped off stuff to the apartments. and taught a lesson. 
One of our investigators, Amouzou is progressing really really well. We will probably be baptizing him soon. He has been reading the book of mormon a lot. If he continues, He is going to finish it in the next two weeks. its incredible.
Saturday Elder Dih and I went and worked in Kelegougan again. We taught All of our investigators who have baptism dates set. This is Elder Dih's last transfer, so he is really focusing on trying to get at least one more baptism before he leaves.
So, a little bit about Elder Dih. He is from the Ivory coast... and He is 30 years old. Yup. Really great guy. Love him to death.
So, Life is well here in Togo.
I hope you all have a great week, 
Avec amour,
Elder Magré