Monday, September 14, 2015

Another week

Week number.... i lost count at week 2



so, its been a pretty boring week. not going to lie. nothing to
interesting or exciting happened here in togo.
so, those five baptisms... yeah, its going to be more like 2. So,
turns out one of our Amis, lodonou, has an alcohol problem. we figured
this out when he showed up to one of our lessons drunk. the good
thing, is that we had planned to teach the word of wisdom that day.
His good friends are going to be baptized(Eric, and David) but not
lodonou. if he stops drinking, we will baptize him.
Gladys, is another lady we were suppose to baptize, but she is leaving
for the village next week for her daughters wedding. She kind of has
her own problems too. the famous dowry. but, she was married in Ghana.
so, In ghana, the dowry is legal marriage. if you are married
traditionally, then you are also married by the state too. the problem
is that she has no paperwork to actually prove that she was married...
I hate, hate, hate the dowry. Again, we cant baptize her because of
Amouzou, still hasnt come to church. every week its the same problem.
He says he is coming, but he doesnt. I wish there was something we
could do! He is too poor, to get at taxi, and he is handicapped, so
the distance would be to far for him to walk.
So, I got a question last week about what I actually do in the office.
So, my job is a little bit different that what the office elders in
benin do. I work on all of the missionaries travel documentation. I
also, am in charge of keeping track of all of the money the church
spends for the mission in togo and making sure the mission has money
to spend in togo. I look at every receipt, and all of the despense
sheets, where I classify them by date, and put it on a working fund,
that i send to my mission president, who then sends  it to ghana.
Ghana then processes the paiment, and I go and look to see if the
money is in the bank account. If its not (which is common thanks to
the african banking system) I go, and yell at the bank, and tell them
to give us our money!!! Its actually kind of fun. I also drive around
dropping off brochures and other missionary supplies to the
missionaries. And then I get to help my comp with all of his stuff
too. its all very exciting.
But, im not going to lie, There I times where i have no idea what im
doing. but its a learning experience.... or something like that.
this next week is going to be super exciting though. president is
going to be going to togo for interviews, so we are going to driving
around lome for the next week, and helping president. so, im excited.
I hope you all have a great week.
Love you

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