Thursday, September 3, 2015

work in the office in Togo

How are you guys? I hope everything is going well and that everyone is happy and healthy (with the exception to you kim)
well, The week went well. It was again another super busy and productive week with transfers and everything. 
Last monday we decided to take a pday. so, we went and played soccer with some other missionaries and some members from their branch. And it went well. Until the bank called me and said I needed to confirm a check that I had already confirmed. So, then most of the morning consisted of me in a bank trying to confirm a check. the reason they couldnt confirm. Because there were "to many phone numbers on our contact list". It was obsurd. but it was still a great day.
Tuesday was fun. I got to take missionaries to their new apartments. It took up pretty much the whole day. Not because Lomé is very big, but because Sister missionaries take forever to say good bye. But it was fun. It was a pain, but it was a lot of fun.
Tuesday Night, Elder Dih decided to go on splits. So, I dropped him off in Ablogame, and picked up Elder Gnamien (who I lived with in Kodjoviakopé) and We went off to work in kelegougan for 24 hours. I have never worked in my secteur. Before, we had another team of missionaries working there. but now, its just Elder Dih and I so we are now working our secteur. (before we were going to teach in Agoe. The stake is preparing to put a branch overe there, and we are going to put missionaries there too. so we are kind of getting work ready.) 
So, We walked around and taught some of  our investigators. I just pretty much concentrated on those with a baptism date set. It was a great day. A day in the secteur. somthing I really miss.
Thursdays I got to be a part of an international transfer. The Benin Assistants dropped off the missionaries, on the benin  side of the boarder. Elder Dih and I crossed the boarder with the missionaries in togo going to benin. when we got to the other side we swaped missionaries than crossed the boarder again. 4 stamps in 20 minutes. My passport has so many stamps.
The international transfer was really weird. I kept thinking it was some sort of prisoner exchange or something. I have officially been a part of an international transfer!
Then Friday we dropped off stuff to the apartments. and taught a lesson. 
One of our investigators, Amouzou is progressing really really well. We will probably be baptizing him soon. He has been reading the book of mormon a lot. If he continues, He is going to finish it in the next two weeks. its incredible.
Saturday Elder Dih and I went and worked in Kelegougan again. We taught All of our investigators who have baptism dates set. This is Elder Dih's last transfer, so he is really focusing on trying to get at least one more baptism before he leaves.
So, a little bit about Elder Dih. He is from the Ivory coast... and He is 30 years old. Yup. Really great guy. Love him to death.
So, Life is well here in Togo.
I hope you all have a great week, 
Avec amour,
Elder Magré

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