Monday, April 18, 2016


my run in with voodoo. its actually pretty cool



and more revenants pictures
they actually came twice to haunt people. the second time though they came with friends

Audrey, you are going to love this email just  because i watched some revenants chase after a guy. 
Benin is known for voodoo. and saturday at our baptism (before it started) we heard a bunch of drums playing, and we look out and see revenants! a revenants is an evil spirit believed to have come back to haunt people and ask people for money (because evil spirits need money). and so we took pictures and watched these evil spirits chase people and watched beninois people run away. its a lot of fun. luckly, i was on a roof, and they were not able to see me. but, they only go after people who provoke them, if you just ignore them, and talk back to them they leave you alone.
so, that was exciting. but yes, we had 2 baptisms again this week. Yannick, and Mama Houndjo both got baptized. My comp Elder Kadima did the baptizing. It was a great service. the spirit was there (that could also be why the revenants didnt bother us at all) 
After the baptisms they got up and bore powerful testimonies. They where both so prepared by the lord! They were both so happy to be baptized and join their families. next step though is the temple.
So, its been a really great week.
We had a mission council with president this last week. He talked about some problems that the mission is facing. President morin talked about how a lot of missionaries have Cell phones... and nice ones too. It was really good.
I went to immigration... That was interesting. here in benin they give out three month visas unlike togo which gives out 1 year visas. so, that was fun. I have to go back tomorrow to pick up my visa. 
so, it was fun. We taught some great lessons, made some new amis. so, im happy.
I love you all,
Elder Magre
this is a picture of a revenants. 
and Armande's baptism from a while ago (from when i had malaria)



Revenants and Voodoo!!!!

Photos Benin Voodoo and Baptism


Transfered to the Nigeria Calabar mission



Lol, Jamais. Nope im still in the Benin cotonou mission. and thats still cool.... 
So, its been a pretty good week. Today was a lot of fun. We woke up and did everything we had too, then our comp asked if we wanted to go to Tokpa (the huge market here in Cotonou). So, as an apartment we went and had a fun time. The market really is pointless, but its a great place to buy shoes, white shirts, watches, belts, pants... and super nice dirt cheap suits. plus its nice to get out of the apartment and see something else.
so, We had another baptism. It was unexpected but Floride (one of the houndjo daughters) was totally ready. we had nothing else to teach her, and she hasnt missed church once. So, we asked her if she was ready and she said yes. so saturday we had her baptism and a confirmation on sunday. 
We are planning on baptizing her mom the 16th. The struggle is that the mom doesnt speak french, so teaching is harder since we need to bring members to translate... and members start going off on other subjects. example: a simple lesson on the restoration can quickly lead to a lesson about chastity. how? its intresting what a conversation about the apostasy can lead to. haha.
but, everything is going well though. We are still teaching yannick. he is progressing really well. It seems like everywhere we go, we see him. today at the market we saw him on his moto.
so, life is going well. Im happy here. I do miss togo. ITs been two months since ive left, but I do miss Togo. But I do like benin a lot. Its two different missions. How the mission works in togo, is so much different than how it works in benin. its weird. but, I like it, and the work is the same.
I love you all, stay safe!
Avec beaucoup d'amour, 
Elder Magré😘

It's hot!!!!!

Its so hot like serioulsly, Its so hot. why are we so close to the equator?


I just dont understand how it can get so hot here? Like, how? why?
so, I hope you all had a good week. and that you are all happy and healthy! being healthy is important. Africa tries to kill missionaries.
its been a pretty good week for us. we arrived back in Menontin safely. Patrice talon won... so zinsou lost. by 78 percent actually. so, we were in no danger. we taught some good people this week. Eunice, Dieu donné, Floride, Patrice, Edem, and a couple new investigators like yannik who is totally getting baptized by the way. 
So, Elder Kadima and i were walking when i guy on a motorcycle stopped us. he said that his name is yannik, and that the missionaries of cococodji were teaching him, but then he moved here to zogbo and lost contact with them. but he continued to go to church in cococodji. so, we started teaching him, and he is progressing pretty well. 
Edem, is still a boss. He came to church. I love his dreadlocks. what a cool guy.
Eunice got baptized on saturday and confirmed on sunday. thats always exciting. she said she felt a lot different and really happy, which is always great to hear. now we just need to concentrate on the rest of her family.
which we are. Floride is getting baptized on saturday as well. it was planned for the 9th of april, but she said that she was ready and willing to do it this saturday. why not?
so, everything is going pretty well.
The other team is having three baptism this week as well. so, our district is on fire. so, life is pretty good here in Menontin and zogbo.
i dont know what else to say. Hope you guys are doing well, and staying safe!
love you guys,
Elder magre

I got transferred

I got transfered? already? what? nooo! leave me alone!!!!



so, i got transfered. Yeah, I only spent five weeks in Akpakpa. Its all good though. Im going to miss it over there. So, I just arrived in my new area. Its called Zogbo-menotin. Its more in the center of cotonou. 3 Months ago, if you would of asked if I would ever serve in benin, i would of laughed. and here I am in my second area in Cotonou! what!
So, im working with Elder Kadima from the DRC (Congo). He is a pretty rad guy. Elder Kola is training a new american. so, good for him.
So, my week went pretty well! Last week we taught a good amount of lessons. Elder Kola and I turned that area around. So, im happy I left Akpakpa better than I found it!
So, this week was interesting. On tuesday I get a call from Elder Phillips. He said "hey, my comp saw some Elders on Motos" (Motos are motorcycles. motos and motorcycle taxis are everywhere here in west africa. The inter region has said that if you get on a moto you get sent home) So, Elder Phillips didnt really know what to do. so I told him to call president.
So, this last week Elder Phillips and I had to do some investigating for him because he need more witnesses to be sure that the elders took motorcycles. So, that was exciting.
So, In akpakpa there is a village built in the middle of a lake here. so, we didnt know where it was. but now we do. we started going to the northern part of our area and we just ran into it. so, we contacted a guy that lived there. It was cool. teaching people in the middle of a lake.
so, lastly we started teaching this guy named Pierre. Pierre Is almost blind. He can see nothing. but, we started teaching him and invited him to church. so, sunday we went to pick him up (since you cant tell a blind guy to meet you there). he got into the chapel and started to cry. this was the first time he had been to church in years. He cried three times!!! It was insane! He even cried when I said that i was transfered! He was like "How can you leave me after BRINGING ME BACK TO CHRIST" that phrase hit me. It really helped me see the importance of 2. my call as a missionary. So, the guy is probably going to get baptized... but im here in Zogbo.
anyways, Menotin is cool. we live next to a super busy road so all day long i hear motorcycles and trucks driving by!
so, i love you all!
Elder Magre
below is a picture of ruths baptism!!!



Driving in Africa

"Driving in Africa is a contact sport"-President Morin


Alexandre Magre

Jan 25
It is also a sport where you get to tell off (and pay off the referees).
So, after seven months it finally happened. somone hit us. not a motorcycle, because that happens all the time, but an actual truck hit us. (more on that to come later)
So, this week was a lot of fun. we started off the week by going with the hedzranawoe zone to their zone activity. They went to an old slave house. It was a place where they kept the slaves until they were shipped off too "occidental" countries. It was really interesting. The poor people lived underneath the floor boards of the house. They couldnt stand up. only sit, squat or lay down. to go in, they made them crawl through little holes and live there. Upto 100 people lived there. We got to go down and crawl around underneath the floor boards. It was really cool activity. Afterwards we went to festival of glace. Elder Hanks the zone leader (who goes home next week) ate ice cream for the first time in 2 years. He cried. We have a lot of pictures. and a video.
On tuesday we had a flat tire, so we had a fun time fixing that.... we lost our car jack so fixing it was difficult. but being in africa, impossible isnt a word so we went to a guy on the street who puts air in tires and he fixed our tire! he pulled out a jack out of no where, and fixed the tire that had a massive hole.
Im not kidding when I say that nothing is impossible here.
We taught Dele. we are trying to help him get his dowry problem fixed. Elder Archer(who is next to me) just told me that we can buy whale meet on amazon. But they just recently banned it.
anyways, we taught Dele. We have been talking a lot on repentance with him.... since he has made a lot of mistakes in his life. But he is a great guy.
On wednesday President came to Togo. He is going around to talk with all of the BIshops and Branch Presidents. He is wanting to see How they are getting along with the missionaries and things like that. HE is also discussing the new plan we have as a stake/mission in TOgo. The Ward missionaries are going to have proselyting secteurs. They will find and teach investigators, then the assistants will come in and do a baptism interview to see if the people are ready. Our mission is suffering on missionaries. so, its really the only thing we can do to double our forces in TOgo. Benin, they dont have a stake (Africans say that they are to wicked... BIRTH PLACE OF VOUDOU!!!!) seriously though. In Benin people our obsessed with voudou. On the road we see people in these huge... cages? that are decorated with cloth and look really cool. they claim that an evil spirit is underneath and things like that... oh, Benin. 
Thursday was The best day, and the worst day. We went to go see a branch president in the morning. On the way there, A big truck carrying sand hit that back corner of our pickup truck! Elder Dioulo and I didnt feel a single thing. (I guess he just bumped into us) president was behind us, and said that he swerved into our lane and hit us. Then he proceeded to say that "Driving in Africa is a contact sport". True that.
Afterwards we went to the orphange that we repainted to see how they were doing. THe pastor who ran it said that the money we gave them to but wheel barrows was actually used to buy food for the kids. President then asked if they still needed food. The pastor said yes. SO, we went to the market with pastor and bought a ton of fish, And a ton of cooking oil and a few 50Kg bags of rice with some corn flour. IT was probably one of the most spiritual things that has happened so far.
I dont blame the pastor for not buying the wheelbarrows. He actually asked his staff If we should buy food, or buy the wheelbarrows.
In the afternoon a police officer pulled me over again because I kept going when the light turned yellow. (it turned yellow as soon as i got to the light. I argued with him. HE said "you ran it right in front of me" I said "you cant even see the light buddy, so you dont even know." we argued for a couple of minutes and he gave me "grace" as he said.
Friday we continued to see bishops. That was good.
On Saturday We met with the stake president. It got heated. But thats a story for when I get home...
We saw Fabrice and Paul this week. Finally... we havent been able to get a hold of them for a while, so on saturday it was nice to talk to them. they were just super busy with work, and their phones stopped working. They are actually still interested which was a huge relief for us. WE thought we were going to have to drop them, but nope!
So, my week was full of love and happiness and adventure.
I love you all.
Elder Magre