Monday, April 18, 2016


my run in with voodoo. its actually pretty cool



and more revenants pictures
they actually came twice to haunt people. the second time though they came with friends

Audrey, you are going to love this email just  because i watched some revenants chase after a guy. 
Benin is known for voodoo. and saturday at our baptism (before it started) we heard a bunch of drums playing, and we look out and see revenants! a revenants is an evil spirit believed to have come back to haunt people and ask people for money (because evil spirits need money). and so we took pictures and watched these evil spirits chase people and watched beninois people run away. its a lot of fun. luckly, i was on a roof, and they were not able to see me. but, they only go after people who provoke them, if you just ignore them, and talk back to them they leave you alone.
so, that was exciting. but yes, we had 2 baptisms again this week. Yannick, and Mama Houndjo both got baptized. My comp Elder Kadima did the baptizing. It was a great service. the spirit was there (that could also be why the revenants didnt bother us at all) 
After the baptisms they got up and bore powerful testimonies. They where both so prepared by the lord! They were both so happy to be baptized and join their families. next step though is the temple.
So, its been a really great week.
We had a mission council with president this last week. He talked about some problems that the mission is facing. President morin talked about how a lot of missionaries have Cell phones... and nice ones too. It was really good.
I went to immigration... That was interesting. here in benin they give out three month visas unlike togo which gives out 1 year visas. so, that was fun. I have to go back tomorrow to pick up my visa. 
so, it was fun. We taught some great lessons, made some new amis. so, im happy.
I love you all,
Elder Magre
this is a picture of a revenants. 
and Armande's baptism from a while ago (from when i had malaria)



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