Monday, April 18, 2016

It's hot!!!!!

Its so hot like serioulsly, Its so hot. why are we so close to the equator?


I just dont understand how it can get so hot here? Like, how? why?
so, I hope you all had a good week. and that you are all happy and healthy! being healthy is important. Africa tries to kill missionaries.
its been a pretty good week for us. we arrived back in Menontin safely. Patrice talon won... so zinsou lost. by 78 percent actually. so, we were in no danger. we taught some good people this week. Eunice, Dieu donné, Floride, Patrice, Edem, and a couple new investigators like yannik who is totally getting baptized by the way. 
So, Elder Kadima and i were walking when i guy on a motorcycle stopped us. he said that his name is yannik, and that the missionaries of cococodji were teaching him, but then he moved here to zogbo and lost contact with them. but he continued to go to church in cococodji. so, we started teaching him, and he is progressing pretty well. 
Edem, is still a boss. He came to church. I love his dreadlocks. what a cool guy.
Eunice got baptized on saturday and confirmed on sunday. thats always exciting. she said she felt a lot different and really happy, which is always great to hear. now we just need to concentrate on the rest of her family.
which we are. Floride is getting baptized on saturday as well. it was planned for the 9th of april, but she said that she was ready and willing to do it this saturday. why not?
so, everything is going pretty well.
The other team is having three baptism this week as well. so, our district is on fire. so, life is pretty good here in Menontin and zogbo.
i dont know what else to say. Hope you guys are doing well, and staying safe!
love you guys,
Elder magre

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