Monday, June 29, 2015




hey family, and friends,
of all of the weeks on the mission, its been one of them.
so, its rainy season... yup. its raining, and raining, and raining, and raining. i almost forgot what dryness feels like! its, okay, you get used to it. last p day i washed two white shirts, and they finished drying on friday because well.... they kept getting wet! haha,
so, the sister missionaries came on tuesday to district meeting... it was a really awkward district meeting... but thats okay...  tuesday was kind of a rougher day because our first two rendez vous fell through, and it was just raining, and raining... the thing about togolese, is that when it rains, they dont do anything. so, no one wants to talk to us when it rains. but after a little bit of time, it stopped, and we were able to teach vianey, and émile. emile, is so cool. he is oliviers best friend and he understands everything. we are planning to baptize him the 27th of june, if everything works out.
on wednesday we were walking by sainte rita, the big catholic church in our secteur. there was a little booth in front where they sell bibles and holy oil, water, ect. the basic catholic exercism kit. anyways. they sold bibles in pure ewe! so, you can bet your bottom dollar that i bought an ewe bible!
we saw yaovis brother hervé. He is probably my favorite investigator right now. yaovi is a member here in wuiti, who invited his brother to church. on saturday i called him to see if he was coming to church, and he says "i dont know, i have other plans and wont be able to make it" then on sunday, he is there before us.
so, on friday i did a baptism interview for this guy named mike. mike is a rapper and wanna be rasta man. haha, so funny. anyways, he showed us his rap video. he is really good. and the video was actually professionally made.
we saw tamara this week. she was really happy to see us, but it was super awkward. we havent seen her since our mangez vous at her house...
so, Germain has mad'e enough changes in his life to now get the M. priesthood!!! he is awesome! he has stopped drinking, somking, and is now active again in the church. let me tell you this, he is happy. when he was inactive he was not happy at all. in his own words "i thought i was happy". The gospel brings joy. Jesus christ brings joy. watching the change in germains life has made me realize this. the word of wisdom really is a commandment inspired from god. obey it. germain looks completly different now.
anyways,  sunday was good. however, all of our rendez vous fell through because of the rain.
rain, i hate you.
but i love you guys!

Togo Benin Togo



its been a weird week.
so, on tuesday we were at district meeting when Elder DIh comes up to me and asks me if i have an international drivers license. and if i knew how to drive stick. after i told him no, he says "ok, get one made now" then leaves. then tuesday night he calls me and says that he is picking me up and that there is stuff he needs to show me.
on wednesday they come and explain to me that im going to work in the togo office. so, this week ive been working in the togo office.
the good news is that the office is in an old senior couple appartment which means WASHING MACHINE!!!!! haha!!! and an OVEN!!!! im happy! plus ill be going to benin every now and then! but as elder dih said "im not transfered yet". so for now, im still in wuiti.
the week went well though,
we had hervés baptism this week which we were happy to have! everyone in his family is a member except for him, so it was nice to unte a family!
we were stressed that the baptism wasnt going to happen. all the members went to the ghana temple, and werent coming back till the day of the baptism.
so, on saturday we get there, and the font isnt filled, and its still super dirty. so elder atherton and i cancelled our first appointment to clean out the font and fill it up. then our branch president comes in and saves the day!!! he had just gotten home when he remembered about the baptism. he helped clean it out, and fill it up.
as the font was filling up, the water started to turn a redish color. turns out the water that was being pumped out of the ground was filled with clay. so, we had the baptism in clay water. it was almost a baptism in the river!!! haha! it was a great baptism!
that was probably the highlight of our week! and tomorrow begins a new one!!!
we have interviews with president morin this week. that should be exciting, and transfers are coming up on saturday. so, thats also exciting
hope you all have a great week,
i love you all,
elder magré

Monday, June 8, 2015

well, its been one of those weeks i guess. haha. on tuesday we wake up to flooded streets and pooring rain. we cant get out of the appartment at all. but, we have district meeting and the sisters are in our district. so i call them to make sure they were going to be there. after they confirmed, we put on our flip flops and sandles and began are journey to find a taxi. we walked for 10 minutes in the rain as we walked through this ankle high river of water. find a taxi, takes us to doumasese. our taxi turned into a boat. water was coming on the roof of our car. a guy was wading waist high in the middle of this paved road. i thought we were going to have to paddle our way to district meeting.
after arriving at district meeting, the sisters were not there. so, i called them. and they said that it was raining and that they werent coming. after some convincing, we waited the sisters for an hour. and they still didnt come. so, we turned around and did it all over again.
so, you can imagine why its been one of those weeks.
but hey, germain told us on thursday that he quit smoking! and that it had been a month since he hadnt had alcohol!!! he told us that he knew that god helped him. he explained that he was weak, but god gave him the strength to keep going! awesome!
anyways, we started to teach a guy named florant. he explained who he thought god was and then added "and we can know him through the scriptures". i smiled when he said. i replied back "ok, lets use the scriptures to know who god is" it was awesome. he asked so many great questions, and by the end of it, it made sense to him.
i got to work with elder teaupa this week in wuiti! he loved it! i loved it! elder atherton loved it! we had so much fun! preaching and teaching the gospel! haha, and we were just having so much fun, as well as the investigators. it was awesome.
so, overall the week was exciting up until sunday... we went to the congressional palace on sunday for stake conference. it lasted over four hours. it was so long... all the talks were a minimum of 30 minutes long. and the stake president talked for about45 minutes. president morin spoke. he spoke for five minutes. short and sweet. but to top it all off. the closing talk was ten minutes long. yes. i remember looking at my watch a couple of times. yeah, longest prayer ever. at the end of it everyone gave a sigh of relief. everyone called it the final talk after that... wow.
after that it rained.
so, overall great week. hopefully this one will be just as productive, and that we will have just as crazy.
anyways, love you all! keep up the good work,
love you all,
elder magré

living room




man oh man.
i havent showered in two days, yeah, i feel gross. Yesterday we woke up to no power. There was a massive rainstorm going on outside, and togo decided to be togo, and turn off the power to save some money. no power. no water. so i ended up going to church. then today we were just so busy doing laundry by hand and cleaning our appartment and going to the super market, to by good food, (beef was bought! ) that we just didnt have time. but you know. its life i guess! haha!
This week has flown by! seriously! so many great things happened this week!
We met elder Archer! the fourth yovo moving into our appartment. he is cool. it isnt as weird as i thought it was going to be. we do get ripped off a lot easier now though. taxi drvers, and other people see four white guys in ties, they automatically think, "im going to rip them off" sadly, they dont though. some guy kicked a woman out of a taxi when he saw us and said in eve "get out of the taxi, im going to get a lot of money from these guys". it was super sad. its sad that we now have to argue prices because its 60 cents to much. sad. arguing over 60 cents. its totally a pride thing though. you think you can rip me off because im white... uh, no. no one is ripping me off.
the assistants came and taught this sweet african game. when you lose, everyone gets to slap your hands. its fun. i played it with a bunch of kids the other day.... african kids hurt when they slap your hands man... haha.
we saw hervé this week. he is a members older brother. he is doing really well in the lessons and has a baptism date set for later this week.
We've been teaching this guy called atchou. (yes like the sound you make when you sneeze) we were explaing to him the creation and adam and eve and stuff. after a while he said "ive studied a lot with the jehovah witnesses, and i had a lot of questions, but now i understand. and its because of the book of mormon." oh man! i love hearing that! its so awesome when you hear people who aren' members of our church testify of the book of mormon. 
we were able to baptize Eric this week! he is such a cool guy! he has already given us contacts and he invited his neice to his baptism. she then came to church, and said she wants to talk to the missionaries! wow. its been a really awesome week.
this week will hopefully be just as awesome. i guess that we are just going to keep on working though! through faith and gods help, we can baptize all of wuiti if we wanted too!
so, a couple weeks back, i gave a book of mormon to a guy on the street named bacola, he wanted to buy it from us, but of course, we gave it to him for free. then on thursday, elder sagers came home and asked us if we knew bacola. we said yes. he then said that bacola had read the entire book of mormon, and wants the doctrine and covenants, and the pearl of great price! haha! isnt that nuts or what! he is currently reaiding the topical guide in the back of the book of mormon! saddly, Bacola works in a different part of  togo, and is never at home, and he is home when im sleeping. awesome guy!
so, its been a pretty great week overall. very inspiring.
i hope you all have a fantastic week! stay safe, read your scriptures, sing a happy song,
love you all!
Elder Magré