Monday, December 22, 2014

family! friends!!
three days till skype!!! haha!!
this week was awesome!! we had so many lessons, and we have a ton of investigators who are progressing!! i dont even know where to start!
on thursday we had to wake up at four in the morning to be at the stake center to get ready for our service project. the service project was to go and help clean up and just help out at an orphanage!!!! yes an orphanage! it was awesome! probably one of the coolest things ive ever done! seriously!
i helped clean up the library, and man, i have never breathed in so much dust and dirt!!!!! 
the orphanage itself though was pretty good. all of the children had clean clothes, and schooling paid for, even up to universities! they also had beds with malaria nets, and medicine... its sad, but people here in togo live in worst conditions...
afterwards we sang hims and played soccer with the children. it was sweet!
this week we fixed four baptism dates. but i want to talk about two of those investigators.
the first is olivier. olivier one day showed up to church all by himself. we have been working with him and he has really been liking the lessons!!! we fixed a baptism date for the third of january. he said he wants us to finish all of the lessons before he is baptized though. we were like "well, yeah!"
the next is sr. emmanuel. she is a refugee from the cote divoire. she is hiding from the government because she fought against the current government. she worked with the other missionaries, but didnt like them. then elder teaupa and i show up. she said, she is actually learning from us, and loves the way we teach her!!!
its been a great week! im super excited to speak to you guys in ewe on thursday and show off my sweet tan! haha... seriously, its awesome! elder teaupa still beats me though!
african love you guys!
elder magré

Alex is still very happy

Monday, December 8, 2014

Alex is transfered

family, and friends!
the assistants called me on saturday..... elder kognani is staying in kodjoviakope and im being transfered to tokoin, togo!!! i will also be training a new missionary from tonga!!! haha! crazy! elder kognani had started to pack his things because he thought he was leaving! but nope! instead im packing my things and getting ready for my new secteur! haha! im freaking out! im training a new missionary in a new secteur teaching him french!!! haha!!! what? its ok, i know i can do it. the first thing im doing is finding the ward mission leader!!!
anyways, im leaving kodjoviakopé tomorrow morning and taking a 15-20 miçnute drive to my new area.
elder potter left togo this morning. he left me his wash board, some study material, his malaria net, his food, and his lamp! however, his companion elder gnamnien was crying when he left. elder potter left him all of his ties, his watch and his camera with a memory card because elder gnamnien didn t have one... elder potter was a fantastic missionary. yesterday the highcouncil men incharge of the group here started to cry because elder potter was leaving. i almost cried! haha, key work.. almost...
when i first arrived here in kodjoviakopé my goal was to help my the group here, become a branch... next sunday, the group of kodjoviakopé will become a branch... i accompished my goal. although i wont be here to see it, i did want i wanted to do... i feel like i really didnt accomplish to much here, because i only have one convert here, and i was only here for three months....
im really going to miss kodjoviakopé.
but im excited to work hard in tokoin!!! haha with my tongan companion!!! we are going to get out there and learn the secteur together! im excited!
im really sad to leave expédit!!! he was progressing so well! im really going to miss him! i told elder kognani that he needs to baptize him! im also going to miss nicolas, and gentil and daniel three of my investigators who were going to be baptized!!!
man, transefers are horrible! especially when you havent been here for so long and when you are finally starting to help people!!
anyways, i love you all! next email will be from tokoin togo!!!! please pray so that i wont get lost in my secteur and that ill be a good trainer!!!
i love you guys!
acpuelo! and acou drou vi vi loo!
elder magré

Monday, December 1, 2014

I am going to become a trainer

family and friends! afon ya dea?
hows it going?
haha, its december, and yet im walking around in short sleeve shirts, and sweating like a grease monkey! it is so hot, and its getting hotter!
so the title explains the excitment of my week!!! thursdays the assistants came and slept at our apartment. they told me that after zone conference on friday i was to stay after to have a meeting for all of the people who will be training new missionaries this next transfer! what!? im training!!! i just finished my training! so, on friday we had our zone conference. president morin talked about obedience and why we need to be obedient, as always... anyways, after zone conference i went and had a meeting for all of the people who are going to be training. im one of the first missionaries to be doing that!!! its pretty freaky thinking about it... i just finfished my training, and now im going to be responsible for training a new missionary like me!
we have been working with expedit who is still awesome! we have also been working with a family, well a sister and a brother. the little boy is ten years old and is seriously the smartest kid ever! he asks us really good questions! he came to church and said he wants to be baptized because he knows this is really gods church! holy smokes! he is awesome!!!! so hopefully we can set a date for him soon!
well, its been a crazy week, elder potter is going home soon! next monday they are taking him to benin, where he will go to a voodoo temple, and see benin... poor guy has spent his entire mission here in togo!!! he says he served in the togo lomé mission!
people in benin are crazy with voodoo! that is the birthplace of voodoo!
haha, oh
well i hope you are all having a good holiday season... maybe sipping hot chocolates, watching a christmas movie, and putting up christmas decorations! its hard to get into the christmas spirit when its hot....and humid... hahah. seriously, it just feels like another day.
anyways i love you all... and i guess i miss you guys... and stuff...
aye zandé, acpé caca caca, acbeulo
Elder magé