Monday, June 6, 2016



Sunny day

Welcome to my sunny day!!!


Akon got the weather right, its sunny. and its hot... we went out today to do something at noon, and when i walked out, I got a chuck norris style round house kick to the face from the sun. Its hot. like really hot. but its all in a days work. 
I am loving menontin with Arek. Seriously, im working with one of my best mission friends and it is so much fun! we are working hard, and have a ton of fun. I love my nigerian companion. i really do. But the weird part is that we are 3 in our apartment. so, we are at times (like right now) in an awkward tripanionship. but, its nice when the member comes and picks up elder mukendi.
a lot went ont his week. Wednesday night, we left to pick up elder miller in jericho for a split. afterwards, we went and picked up Elder Harevaa (who is working with a mini missionary) to come and be a part of this split. (the mission wants elder arek and I to keep a little eye on him since he is almost done). then thursday, we had a great split.we taught a good amount, and elder miller showed me more of the area. afterwards we went and brought them back to their apartments and i picked up elder arek.
so, thats the only really exciting thing that happened.
Our area is pretty good. we have a lot of investigators, but none that are really going to progress because of marriage problems... as usual.
 but we should be baptizing a girl named esther in a few weeks. so, that will be exciting. 
I love you all, and i hope you have a great week!
akpé loooo
elder magre
1.picture of Elder arek. my current companion. you should already know him
2. me with elder mukendi (old comp)
3. and me in my new area