Wednesday, October 29, 2014

First Hair cut in Togo

im going to regret this..... elder potter.... its funny because he was telling me how one time the guide fell off for him and gave him a bald spot. then a minute later, the same thing happened to me.. my face was all like ! rofl!

Still in Togo under the rain

another week in togo



AttachmentsOct 27 (2 days ago)
family, and friends,
another week in hot, humid, rainy Togo. 
This week was really productive. on wednesday i went on splits with Elder Potter, i learned a new teaching style with him, and got to meet with some members ive never met before. Elder Potter and i get a long great. we have similar personalities, and sense of humor. i've learned so much about the african culture with him, and its awesome. He showed me a vodo shrine that we found on the beach, and a self proclaimed vodo house thats in his secteur. On the way back to the apartment, we stopped at a fufu bar and got fufu, with a fish sauce. it was really good. fufu is so much better than pate. by the way a fufu bar is like an african mcdonalds. you buy the fufu, and then they have these huge bowls of different soups and was way good.
thursday we had a meeting with président morin and all of the other missionaries who are in training. he wanted to here what we liked and didnt like about training. he then gave us some ideas on how we can improve training and ideas on how we can make it more interesting for all of us.
then there was saturday. i dont know why heavy rainstorms love saturdays. so here is the story. It was a beautiful hot saturday. Elder kognani and I left the apartment and began teaching Saulime, one of the investigators we have been working with. As she was reading Matthew 6 on prayer, people started packing up there things and running around everywhere. then it was instantly dark, and the wind had suddenly picked up. thats when the rain started coming down hard! We stood up and told saulime to go home because of the rain, and then we left to go and find cover. and we couldnt find any! so there we were, two missionaries soaked to the bone walking around in togo, laughing. we couldnt believe what had happened.
on sunday i taught primary again with elder potter. After church the group president came up to me and handed me the cds from this past general conference. super random. he told me to bring them to church next week. so... i have general conf. in my apartment. im tempted to watch them...
then today, elder potter gave me a haircut. but the guide to the buzzers fell off as he was giving me a hair cut, and left a massive bald spot on my head.ladies and gentlemen. i have a random bald spot on my head.
so this was my week. really busy, and productive.
i love it here in africa so much. it is super exciting here. i hope you are all staying safe. i think of you all eveyday!
ayee zandé
Elder Magré



Monday, October 20, 2014

October 20, 2014 Still in togo

family! friends! fellow yovos! afon ya dea? eh, efon ya dé! Fé ké youma?
haha,ohh man! this week was not as exciting as last week... all though the power did go out again on tuesday, but thats a weekly thing.... it was hot this week! my face is red! 
so yesterday the primary teacher didnt want to go to church, so elder potter and i taught primary... and the young woman teacher had malaria and was unable to go to church so we had the young women help us teach primary.
church is a disaster. after sacrament, everyone goes home. seriously. only the investigators, primary children, youngwomen, and english speakers say. everyone else goes home because they are mad that they dont have three hours of church! 
ive started a young mens class because the youngmen are stuck in primary, or they just go home. we've also begun teaching institute, and taking charge of the monday night actitivities... we arent a branch. we are a group. which means we arent big enough to be a branch. so where is our group president? on a boat in gabon... where hes been for the last six months. so the missionaries are doing everything. we have a high councilmen as the leader but the poor guy has only been a member for a year, and doesnt know what is going on.
so, church is fun.
sunday we went to go teach an inactive member... the inactive member lives in the same house as my crazy nigerian friend. when we got there, we asked if yommy was there. they said that he "had a revelation and needed to go the ivory coast" and that he left that morning. instead i taught another man from ghana. 
im teaching so much in english. we are so close to ghana that im teaching a lot of people who speak english. elder potter was telling me that there is a trail that takes us into ghana in his are.... but its weird because its a road that takes us from his area to our area, so we can take it, and be in ghana.
nothing too crazy happened this week, except for the sun here is hot... and its not even the hot dry season... thats in about two months. so lookng forward to that.
i hope you are all staying safe, i love you all, and pray for you guys daily!
elder magré

Friday, October 17, 2014

Under the rain

Another week in Togo

family, friends,
you have no idea how happy i am that this week is over. the title explains my saturday perfectly.
but i guess ill start from tuesday.
our power cut out from about 500pm to about 1100 pm. that means we cant cook because we have no running water, and cant plan the next day because everyone just goes to sleep when the power cuts out. so we went and ate....pate! togos verson of fufu!!!! fit was really good. its just corn flour and water that they make into a dough that you dip into a sauce.
wednesday, we had no power either. for the entire day, so at night we went to a members house and had....pate! yeah!
i wont even tell you about my friday.... it was...weird
then saturday.....ohhhh man. it poured. i have never seen it rain so hard in my entire life. the streets were flooded in seconds. yes. seconds. and it started flooding our apartments. so personal study time, turned into save the appartment time! then we had to walk to our next appointment in ankle to lower calf high water. i took pictures! the streets were flooded. it was awesome. then that afternoon  we went to clean the church and i half way there, i realized that i wasnt wearing a tie... so we basically swam back to our appartment to get my tie. i felt so stupid.
sunday.... i thought this week couldnt get any worse, and it did. sunday i taught a really crawy guy. seriously. he was a missionary from some weird nigerian religion. so i taught him in english whiole my companion taught other lesson in french. the guy was really interested until i started talking about prophets. he stops me and asks "as a propher, have you discovered you gift?" i explained that i wasnt a prophet, but i belive that god has given us all gifts. then he says"let us pray and ask the holy spirit to visit us and tell you what your gift is" i told him that i would like to finish the lesson.
then, the guy starts singing a hymn. i finally bring it back to the lesson and he says ...deqd serious.."the holy spirit spoke to me. he told me that i need to go and preach the gospel to a prostitute house. would you and your companion like to join me?" at this point im laughing. i tried so hard not to laugh, but that pushed me over the edge. then
after some more sinigng and other stuff... i realized that we werent going anywhere.
then this morning i played soccer with members and missionaries in togo in the hot west african sun.
so family and friends that was my week. i hope yours was... just as exciting as mine
i love you all, and pray for you guys everyday
elder magré