Monday, October 20, 2014

October 20, 2014 Still in togo

family! friends! fellow yovos! afon ya dea? eh, efon ya dé! Fé ké youma?
haha,ohh man! this week was not as exciting as last week... all though the power did go out again on tuesday, but thats a weekly thing.... it was hot this week! my face is red! 
so yesterday the primary teacher didnt want to go to church, so elder potter and i taught primary... and the young woman teacher had malaria and was unable to go to church so we had the young women help us teach primary.
church is a disaster. after sacrament, everyone goes home. seriously. only the investigators, primary children, youngwomen, and english speakers say. everyone else goes home because they are mad that they dont have three hours of church! 
ive started a young mens class because the youngmen are stuck in primary, or they just go home. we've also begun teaching institute, and taking charge of the monday night actitivities... we arent a branch. we are a group. which means we arent big enough to be a branch. so where is our group president? on a boat in gabon... where hes been for the last six months. so the missionaries are doing everything. we have a high councilmen as the leader but the poor guy has only been a member for a year, and doesnt know what is going on.
so, church is fun.
sunday we went to go teach an inactive member... the inactive member lives in the same house as my crazy nigerian friend. when we got there, we asked if yommy was there. they said that he "had a revelation and needed to go the ivory coast" and that he left that morning. instead i taught another man from ghana. 
im teaching so much in english. we are so close to ghana that im teaching a lot of people who speak english. elder potter was telling me that there is a trail that takes us into ghana in his are.... but its weird because its a road that takes us from his area to our area, so we can take it, and be in ghana.
nothing too crazy happened this week, except for the sun here is hot... and its not even the hot dry season... thats in about two months. so lookng forward to that.
i hope you are all staying safe, i love you all, and pray for you guys daily!
elder magré

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