Monday, April 27, 2015

Elder Arek

anyways, i wake and i look at the clock to see that it is 4 in the morining! the next thing he said is "there is someone in the appartment" me, being half awake, obviously thinks nothing of it, so, i just fell back asleep. he then wakes me up again and says, "we should probably go see" so, i wake up, and proceed to take a flashlight to find no one... i love it when stuff like this happens, keeps things interesting and exciting. but we seriously think that our appartment is haunted. seriously. but we wont go into it. maybe in like a year and four months, ill let you guys know why.
so, this week we keep gtting phone calls from the missionary couple and the assistants adking if any of us know how to use excell, and  if we have an international driving license. also, there is a strang secret undercover transfer going on right now. and teaupa is part of it. we think they are going to make a second mission office here in togo. but we arent sure yet. but we arent sure if they are just pulling a massive prank on the mission. but, things are just weird right now.
anyways, i love you all, i hope you are all safe!
the picture ive attached is from when i went on splits with elder arek! awesome. love that little nigerian.
he going to go to school in utah, so weve decided that we are going to be roomates, and that we will make gari and gumbo and pate and fufu everynight!
love you all
elder magré (you cant forget the accent, because they forgot it on my badge)

I survived elections in west Africa!!!!

i survived elections in west africa!!!!!

As celine dion would say im alive. yes, Elder magre survived elections... and you know what. nothing happened. yeah, seriously, nothing happened (that we saw at least) it was super peaceful on our part. we didnt hear anything! so that was fantastic! we did stay in the appartment for all of saturday and then on sunday they gave us permission to go to church, but then we had to go back into our appartment. it wasnt really a day off though because we had to read the whole book of mormon in two days. I figured that if i was going to read it for two days i might as well just study it. so i did an in depth study of the book of mormon. man, it was hardcore! i only got to jacob. but hey, it went well.
we might have to stay in the appartment again this week since the results havent come back yet, thats when things get crazy.
it was really interesting to see which members voted on sunday. once you vote, they dip your finger in black ink that doesnt come off, so they know if voted! it was really cool!
anyways, the week itself was awesome as well. we had a zone meeting on tuesday. i got to meet elder rich. He wazs in porto novo for a year! haha! he was serving as the first counselor in the branch presidency! so, that was interesting.
on thursday i was having a pleasent dream about walking around nukafu, when all of a sudden i hear elder atherton sayin "magré, magré wake up" i look a

Monday, April 20, 2015

lizard shoes

elections time

family! and other people,
how are you guys!!!
oh man this week was exciting! i dont even know where to start!
so, this morning elder arek, atherton, sagers, and I went and played street soccer with a bunch of members in wuiti. yes, its exactly how you picture it. soccer goals, in the middle of a dirt road and a beat up soccerball! it was awesome. to bad that i didnt play very well... but its always exciting.
this week has been good though. we taught a lot, and just worked hard. poor elder atherton got sick though on saturday so we couldnt leave! i just read jesus the christ all day, and worked out, and ate.... so, it was a pretty productive day. i mean, there is nothing you can really do in a missionary appartment.
so, elections are on saturday. we will be staying in the appartment all day! President morin has asked that we read the entire book of mormon. so, i guess it wont be a day off...
man, elections. ive been seeing a lot of poltical posters everywhere... but only for one guy.
we have been working a lot with anna, a members younger sister. she is getting ready for her baptism on may 2. she was supposed to be baptized this saturday... but due to elections... we had to push it back.
raymond is still super cool. he played the guitar for usand sang a little bit. so, that was exciting. changed things up.
so, prospere and sandra changed their plans and they didnt end up going to get the dowry payed this week... ahh!!!! they cooked us dinner twice this week. i love them. he is making me a ton of ties, and is just busy fixing elder sagers pants, shirts and ties...
well, thats really all i have for you guys. nothing really exciting. hopefully things are more exciting back home!
love you guys!
elder magré

Monday, April 13, 2015

Lizard shoes

Lizard skin shoes

hey, hows it going?
so, we finally got our lizard skin shoes and belts this week! haha, tomorrow we are all going to go to district meeting wearing them and wearing red ties! haha... we are such children. i really do love my apartment.
this week was weird with me and shoes. i did not wear shoes the entire week. i've just been wearing sandles the entire time. I dont know why, but i just refused to wear shoes...
so, this week was actually really fun! on wednesday i went on splits with elder sagers! it was really fun, and it was great to have there to help teach!!! elder athertons french is progressing really well, but im still doing most of the teaching, so it was nice to have a break! we actually got a lot of work done, and had a lot of fun!! plus we had super deep doctrine conversations, that was very.... interesting.
on thursday i went on splits with elder arek the nigerian! I LOVE HIM!!! man, he has seriously become one of my best friends!!! we just had so much fun! we worked hard and had a lot of fun! he is just super. he was in the nigerian military and just has so many stories... here is a quote from him from last night. "war is fun!... until you get hurt" haha, nigerians man... they are just a big big ball of fun! haha!
overall, the week went well.
we got to see koudjo this week! his boss is leaving the 22nd, and we fixed another date for the 25th with him! unfortunatley, we've had to drop a lot of investigators... like yaya, he still is attached to his presbyterian church, and he wont let go of it... as yaya likes to say, "you cant kill a lion by yourself". how true that statement is. we really cant kill a lion by ourselves... haha, oh yaya.
overall the week went well.
Elder ATherton and i went and bought snicker bars... and lion bars for me...:) that was exciting.
today we went and ate at prospere and sandras house, i love them! they are just so...awesome! we ate so much that i just want to throw up! just stuffed with rice and pate abd pima peppers! they are so awesome.
anyways, i guess thats all that happened this week! we are all getting ready for elections... OH! a member in wuiti is running for president!!! we are going to seem him this week.
so, life is well in togo. its still really hot, and humid. just incase your wondering. haha, no but really its hot.
alright, well, thats all i have for this week.
love you homies!
elder magré

La semaine

Alexandre Magre

9:34 AM (22 minutes ago)
so, this week was really boring. nothing exciting happened except for interviews with president morin and transfers. and nothing exciting happend at either of those. im still in wuiti. 
overall the week went well. i actually lied, the power just cut out, and now im finishing my email. thats exciting.
so, we had a lot of succes asking a lot of our investigators to baptism! htats always good. april and may should be good months... probably more april. we were supposed to baptize christopher our nigerian investigator... but he has expressed doubts and really just wants to get rich.... but hopefully things will work out with him.
we've continued to teach raymond. raymond is an artist and makes the coolest statues ever! i told him to make one of me... haha. he said he would think about it0 anyways, he has a massive drug stutter. he must of done some hardcore drugs to get a stutter like that. but he was telling us how he got off drugs. he just explained how in his life he realizede that he was unhappy and needed god, and so, he just gave up drugs! haha! he is really cool, its just getting him to church thats a struggle! but its okay
anyways, life is going good, its rained pretty hard which is always exciting. nothing says welcome to africa like an unexpected down pour of rain.
last night i was taing a shower and the power cut out... it was really scary. there i was.... in a dark bathroom.... with no more power or water....
haha, its okay. you get used to it.
so, prospere and sandra went to go get the dowry payed! after that, they are legally married! the problem with togo is that you need it payed to get married, and the church is against the dowry because it prevents people from getting married. and its super expensive. i hate the dowry
.but i do love you guys,
love you,
elder magré