Monday, April 20, 2015

elections time

family! and other people,
how are you guys!!!
oh man this week was exciting! i dont even know where to start!
so, this morning elder arek, atherton, sagers, and I went and played street soccer with a bunch of members in wuiti. yes, its exactly how you picture it. soccer goals, in the middle of a dirt road and a beat up soccerball! it was awesome. to bad that i didnt play very well... but its always exciting.
this week has been good though. we taught a lot, and just worked hard. poor elder atherton got sick though on saturday so we couldnt leave! i just read jesus the christ all day, and worked out, and ate.... so, it was a pretty productive day. i mean, there is nothing you can really do in a missionary appartment.
so, elections are on saturday. we will be staying in the appartment all day! President morin has asked that we read the entire book of mormon. so, i guess it wont be a day off...
man, elections. ive been seeing a lot of poltical posters everywhere... but only for one guy.
we have been working a lot with anna, a members younger sister. she is getting ready for her baptism on may 2. she was supposed to be baptized this saturday... but due to elections... we had to push it back.
raymond is still super cool. he played the guitar for usand sang a little bit. so, that was exciting. changed things up.
so, prospere and sandra changed their plans and they didnt end up going to get the dowry payed this week... ahh!!!! they cooked us dinner twice this week. i love them. he is making me a ton of ties, and is just busy fixing elder sagers pants, shirts and ties...
well, thats really all i have for you guys. nothing really exciting. hopefully things are more exciting back home!
love you guys!
elder magré

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