Monday, April 13, 2015

Lizard skin shoes

hey, hows it going?
so, we finally got our lizard skin shoes and belts this week! haha, tomorrow we are all going to go to district meeting wearing them and wearing red ties! haha... we are such children. i really do love my apartment.
this week was weird with me and shoes. i did not wear shoes the entire week. i've just been wearing sandles the entire time. I dont know why, but i just refused to wear shoes...
so, this week was actually really fun! on wednesday i went on splits with elder sagers! it was really fun, and it was great to have there to help teach!!! elder athertons french is progressing really well, but im still doing most of the teaching, so it was nice to have a break! we actually got a lot of work done, and had a lot of fun!! plus we had super deep doctrine conversations, that was very.... interesting.
on thursday i went on splits with elder arek the nigerian! I LOVE HIM!!! man, he has seriously become one of my best friends!!! we just had so much fun! we worked hard and had a lot of fun! he is just super. he was in the nigerian military and just has so many stories... here is a quote from him from last night. "war is fun!... until you get hurt" haha, nigerians man... they are just a big big ball of fun! haha!
overall, the week went well.
we got to see koudjo this week! his boss is leaving the 22nd, and we fixed another date for the 25th with him! unfortunatley, we've had to drop a lot of investigators... like yaya, he still is attached to his presbyterian church, and he wont let go of it... as yaya likes to say, "you cant kill a lion by yourself". how true that statement is. we really cant kill a lion by ourselves... haha, oh yaya.
overall the week went well.
Elder ATherton and i went and bought snicker bars... and lion bars for me...:) that was exciting.
today we went and ate at prospere and sandras house, i love them! they are just so...awesome! we ate so much that i just want to throw up! just stuffed with rice and pate abd pima peppers! they are so awesome.
anyways, i guess thats all that happened this week! we are all getting ready for elections... OH! a member in wuiti is running for president!!! we are going to seem him this week.
so, life is well in togo. its still really hot, and humid. just incase your wondering. haha, no but really its hot.
alright, well, thats all i have for this week.
love you homies!
elder magré

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