Monday, April 27, 2015

I survived elections in west Africa!!!!

i survived elections in west africa!!!!!

As celine dion would say im alive. yes, Elder magre survived elections... and you know what. nothing happened. yeah, seriously, nothing happened (that we saw at least) it was super peaceful on our part. we didnt hear anything! so that was fantastic! we did stay in the appartment for all of saturday and then on sunday they gave us permission to go to church, but then we had to go back into our appartment. it wasnt really a day off though because we had to read the whole book of mormon in two days. I figured that if i was going to read it for two days i might as well just study it. so i did an in depth study of the book of mormon. man, it was hardcore! i only got to jacob. but hey, it went well.
we might have to stay in the appartment again this week since the results havent come back yet, thats when things get crazy.
it was really interesting to see which members voted on sunday. once you vote, they dip your finger in black ink that doesnt come off, so they know if voted! it was really cool!
anyways, the week itself was awesome as well. we had a zone meeting on tuesday. i got to meet elder rich. He wazs in porto novo for a year! haha! he was serving as the first counselor in the branch presidency! so, that was interesting.
on thursday i was having a pleasent dream about walking around nukafu, when all of a sudden i hear elder atherton sayin "magré, magré wake up" i look a

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