Monday, April 27, 2015

anyways, i wake and i look at the clock to see that it is 4 in the morining! the next thing he said is "there is someone in the appartment" me, being half awake, obviously thinks nothing of it, so, i just fell back asleep. he then wakes me up again and says, "we should probably go see" so, i wake up, and proceed to take a flashlight to find no one... i love it when stuff like this happens, keeps things interesting and exciting. but we seriously think that our appartment is haunted. seriously. but we wont go into it. maybe in like a year and four months, ill let you guys know why.
so, this week we keep gtting phone calls from the missionary couple and the assistants adking if any of us know how to use excell, and  if we have an international driving license. also, there is a strang secret undercover transfer going on right now. and teaupa is part of it. we think they are going to make a second mission office here in togo. but we arent sure yet. but we arent sure if they are just pulling a massive prank on the mission. but, things are just weird right now.
anyways, i love you all, i hope you are all safe!
the picture ive attached is from when i went on splits with elder arek! awesome. love that little nigerian.
he going to go to school in utah, so weve decided that we are going to be roomates, and that we will make gari and gumbo and pate and fufu everynight!
love you all
elder magré (you cant forget the accent, because they forgot it on my badge)

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