Monday, January 26, 2015

It is hot in Togo

It is so hot!!! but elder teaupa and i are sitting in a cyber cafe with air conditioning right now!!! haha!!! it feels so good! this is the nicest cyber i have ever seen.
so on thursday there was a weird voodoo party going on maybe like five minutes away from our apartment. haha. there was a shirtless guy where necklaces made of teeth and other.... parts playing a drum in front of an upside down bull head with its hooves on top... the bulls tongue was sticking out by the way... i laughed. not going to lie. anyways... it was pretty interesting.
all is well though here in Togo.... did i mention that its hot outside? yeah. its hot. ive gotten this good tan coming along though.
This week was really really really productive. we taught over 23 lessons!!!! and most of them were with our investigators! we have five new investigators by the way!!! and a ton of recent converts! so our days our packed!
we werent able to baptized anna because the water in the church building broke and we couldnt fill up the font. so we just pushed it back a week.... so next week. hopefully.
so. we bought milk this week. real milk. not like african milk... but like milk that we buy in france!!! we have spent so much money on milk. it is fantastic!!! there is something about the taste of real milk that brings joy to your stomach, and your mouth.
So, i learned this week that elder teaupa and i are going to burn in hell with the book of mormon. at least we will have the book of mormon with us... its a  great book. yup. we preach false doctrine. a man approached us and asked us if we were perfect. we said that we werent. and this guy just told us that we are perfect, and that we dont know christs doctrine.... its all in a days work i guess.... life is great.
we were finally able to talk to koudjo once this week... his boss is working him so super hard!! he wont let him come to church!!! ahh!
well, i hope all is well with you guys. that everything is exciting and filled with bull heads and shirtless men playing drums.... because my week has been filled with that...
i love you guys, and think of you guys all the time!!!
love you
elder magré

Monday, January 5, 2015

family, friends
fantastic week!!! really great week! it was great to see all of your faces, and hear your voices!!!
i have never had so much to eat in my life! seriously!!! this week i probably gained a ton of weight! people kept feeding us, and feeding us... rice, pate, fufu, futu, rice.... we had one mangez vous were elder teaupa and us almost threw up afterwards because we ate so much!!!!haha!!!
this morning, after doing laundry, elder teaupa and i made cheesecake. we only ate half. we are saving the other half for tonight. it was awesome.
i woke on saturday morning and was super cold!!! yeah! cold! and its not even in the low 70s!! haha!
elder teaupa and i have three baptisms this saturday!! my zone leader thought that we were joking when we told him that he is going to have to do three interviews on saturday!! haha.
on sunday, olivier came up to me and asked about his baptism date. i asked him if he was still good for this saturday, and he said that he is now ready!! he had has doubts because he hadnt yet recieved an answer on the book of mormon. but now he is ready!!! i was so happy!
yesterday we went to go and see another one of our investigators. we set a baptism date for him too. he said that he made up his mind, and that this was going to be his church!!!!
i love wuiti! this area kicks kodjoviakopés trash!!!
everything is good though. elder teaupas french is coming little by little. he has a positive attitude and isnt the language getting him down. he makes me laugh though.
anyways, hope you guys are having fun in utah, atlanta, china, thailand, and where ever else you guys are. ill just be here in togo though.
love you all,
elder magré


family, friends! 
elder teaupa and i have a great idea. if you wish to send a package... please send otter pops!!! and pudding!  the mission address is cadjèhoun lot  1158 bloc f 01Bp 3323 Cotonou, Bénin. make sure to send it to elder magré. thanks!!
you may think im kidding... but seriously, otter pops are fantastic.
another great week here in togo! we were able to have two baptisms of paul, and geffroy the two brothers! it was awesome! olivier wanted to push his back because he wanted to invite his family to his. but his is planned two weeks from now.
Weve become good friends with the two guys with Ak47 that guard the bank we get our money from. im glad there on our side. if we ever get in trouble, im going to go see them!
ohh, africa.... words cant describe you!!! everything here in wuiti is going great though. i am exhausted however! our secteur is massive! and its just vast! we live in an area where there is a lot of businesses so we have to travel across all of that just to get to one of our rendez vous.... its not like kodjoviakope which was tiny!!!
we are preparing Emmanuel for his baptism next week! he is awesome. he doesnt ask a whole lot of questions but he has a testimony! 
we are going to be teaching english classes this week.... the only problem is that i dont know how to teach english.... we are hoping this will help us find new investigators and help strenghten the inactives in the area!!!!
anyways! hope you guys have a great week!!! DONT FORGET THE OTTER POPS!!!!!! and pudding.
love you guys!
elder magré