Monday, January 5, 2015

family, friends
fantastic week!!! really great week! it was great to see all of your faces, and hear your voices!!!
i have never had so much to eat in my life! seriously!!! this week i probably gained a ton of weight! people kept feeding us, and feeding us... rice, pate, fufu, futu, rice.... we had one mangez vous were elder teaupa and us almost threw up afterwards because we ate so much!!!!haha!!!
this morning, after doing laundry, elder teaupa and i made cheesecake. we only ate half. we are saving the other half for tonight. it was awesome.
i woke on saturday morning and was super cold!!! yeah! cold! and its not even in the low 70s!! haha!
elder teaupa and i have three baptisms this saturday!! my zone leader thought that we were joking when we told him that he is going to have to do three interviews on saturday!! haha.
on sunday, olivier came up to me and asked about his baptism date. i asked him if he was still good for this saturday, and he said that he is now ready!! he had has doubts because he hadnt yet recieved an answer on the book of mormon. but now he is ready!!! i was so happy!
yesterday we went to go and see another one of our investigators. we set a baptism date for him too. he said that he made up his mind, and that this was going to be his church!!!!
i love wuiti! this area kicks kodjoviakopés trash!!!
everything is good though. elder teaupas french is coming little by little. he has a positive attitude and isnt the language getting him down. he makes me laugh though.
anyways, hope you guys are having fun in utah, atlanta, china, thailand, and where ever else you guys are. ill just be here in togo though.
love you all,
elder magré

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