Monday, April 13, 2015

La semaine

Alexandre Magre

9:34 AM (22 minutes ago)
so, this week was really boring. nothing exciting happened except for interviews with president morin and transfers. and nothing exciting happend at either of those. im still in wuiti. 
overall the week went well. i actually lied, the power just cut out, and now im finishing my email. thats exciting.
so, we had a lot of succes asking a lot of our investigators to baptism! htats always good. april and may should be good months... probably more april. we were supposed to baptize christopher our nigerian investigator... but he has expressed doubts and really just wants to get rich.... but hopefully things will work out with him.
we've continued to teach raymond. raymond is an artist and makes the coolest statues ever! i told him to make one of me... haha. he said he would think about it0 anyways, he has a massive drug stutter. he must of done some hardcore drugs to get a stutter like that. but he was telling us how he got off drugs. he just explained how in his life he realizede that he was unhappy and needed god, and so, he just gave up drugs! haha! he is really cool, its just getting him to church thats a struggle! but its okay
anyways, life is going good, its rained pretty hard which is always exciting. nothing says welcome to africa like an unexpected down pour of rain.
last night i was taing a shower and the power cut out... it was really scary. there i was.... in a dark bathroom.... with no more power or water....
haha, its okay. you get used to it.
so, prospere and sandra went to go get the dowry payed! after that, they are legally married! the problem with togo is that you need it payed to get married, and the church is against the dowry because it prevents people from getting married. and its super expensive. i hate the dowry
.but i do love you guys,
love you,
elder magré

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