Monday, March 30, 2015

7 months

wow, i thought i was never going to be able to write this email!!!! myldsmail changed and wouldnt let any of us on!!!! wow! i am so thankful right now!!!! on top of all of this, the power cut. hooray!
so, this week was pretty good. we got a lot of work done! but i think the highlight of my week was going to kodjoviakopé this week. we went and did an ovb activity to help find people for the missionaries there. it was so awesome to go and see expedit, and nicolas, and all of the other members and investigators!!! expedit was so happy to see me. unfortunatey we didnt have to much time to talk, but we will see eachother soon.
im not going to lie, im happy i dont work there anymore though. the work is just dead. the poor missionaries there are suffering.
so, i have some really big news. prospere said that after easter, the dowry will be accepted!!!!! yes!!!! i am so happy! we have been working, and praying, and fasting so hard for this situation to be figured out!
things are starting to pick up again. our investigator christopher should be getting baptized in two weeks. hopefully prosper and sandra also, and a couple other new investigators that weve been working with.
i love wuiti. its awesome. the members love us, and just want to work hard! well... they want us to work hard... but its because they just want to become a ward! that is all that they want.
so, our lizard skin shoes werent finished today, so we will get them this week. but we are super excited.
we went and played basketball at a catholic church today, and we are just red....except for elder arek.... but thats normal....
oh!!! germain, a nonpracticing member weve been working with finally came to church!!!! i consider that to be my success for the week! we have been working so so so hard.... and all we ever got was excuses. so, we are super happy about that. he was feeling the spirit though. i would look over and just see that he was feeling it.
overall, the week was pretty boring. just rain, hot sun, rain, power outages, hot sun, rain, sun, rain... now, sun. but so much happened that we were just so busy!!!
well, thats all for this week.
so, good luck, stay safe, have a good week,
love you all,
elder magré

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