Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I am learning a lot!!!

family and friends, i made an oven out of the things above!!! it was awesome! i baked a chocolate cake! and this morning i made muffins!!!! it was fantastic! yum!
this week was extremly productive!!! we are preparing to baptize Sr. Emmanuel, the ivorian lady, and David our 14 yearold boy!!! but hopefully everything works out with them!!! We are still working with Prospere and his wife. we are hoping that the father in law will except the dowry!!! we need that thing to be excepted! because the minute that its excepted! we are going to baptiiiiiize them!!!!
 so, on tuesday on our way to district meeting we saw an ox in the middle of the street! so obviously i took a picture with it!!! i didnt want to get to close because it looked like it was about to charge.... but, i think some people were getting ready to kill it because next to it, a bunch of guys were sharpening knives!!!! poor thing....
Elder teaupa is awesome. i have never seen so much charity from someone!!! the other day, there was a naked homeless guy sleeping next to our church. so, elder teaupa bought him a pair of pants, and the man was about to cry.... it was such an awesome experience. we went in the church and when we came out he was gone. IT was kind of like the good sameritan story... we as missionaries cant preach love, but then ignore the naked man outside of our church!!! 
On saturday we taught our investigator named eyram. I showed him a picture of the prophet, the twelve apostles and the 70. eyram then says "ive seen him!!!" he was pointing to elder bednard! who just happens to be in charge of the west africa area!!! he kept saying how he saw him somewhere a little while ago. i explained who he was... eyram had seen an apostle of jesus christ, but had no idea... until now! it was a pretty intense lesson!!!
anyways, the week was really busy and successfull! lots of awesome stuff going on!!! we are preparing for our zone conference this thursday with president morin. so everyone is getting ready for that. all is well in togo though.
its still hot, and humid. but it rained the other day which.... actually just made it more humid. everyone is getting malaria... and the thought in my head is saying "your next! you are next" but nope! i am going to make sure i do not got malaria! 
hope you guys have a fantastic week, i love you all... or something like that.
no, just kidding i love almost all of you, 
well, ok, i love all of you,
elder magré

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