Monday, February 9, 2015

working hard!!!

Family, friends,
just another week in togo. its hot, its humid, and my shirts have sweat stains but i dont even care....
haha, its been a good week. so. we werent able to baptize anna this week again. Elder Teaupa and i realized that God prevented that baptism... here is why. anna is still a minor so her parents need to approve her baptism. but anna's parents are firm baptists. we told anna to get her moms approval and have her sign the paper, So we meet anna's mom, and she signs the paper!!!  we were so shocked! anyways,then we go to baptize her, and the water broke.... well, turns out anna's mom, wasnt really her mom. it was just some random old lady.... so we called anna's mom this week to ask  if we could baptize her, and she said no. that she was not okay with it... wow.
the church could of gotten in big trouble... i could of gotten in big trouble had we baptized her. so i am so happy that the water broke. We are still working with anna and her mom to try and get an approval....  so fingers crossed.
I hate the stupid dowry!!!! We are working with a couple. but the problem is... the dowry. They love our church, they want to be baptized (especially before elder teaupa and i leave). its been paid, but they are waiting for the father in laws approval...  why cant people just approve!! approve anna's baptism! approve the dowry!!! its frustrating... we told them to go and get married at city hall, but they dont have the money to do that, and their identity cards our expired so they cant.... ahhhh!!!!! why!!!! the dowry!!!! down with this african tradition!!! IM so happy that elder bednard told church members here not to pay it...
anyways, as for exciting stories... i did laundry today!!! yeah! thats exciting. I got a business offer from a nigerian,...  so, just another average week in africa.
Elder jorgenson the ELder from draper, who i went to alta with is now in TOGO!!! so thats exciting...
alright, well, thats all ive got for you guys. ive attached a picture of me getting ready to out into the secteur.
ohh i forgot, elder teaupa and i baked brownies this week... but we dont have ovens. so how did we bake the brownies? in a frying pan!!!! haha!!! it tasted just like real chocolate fudge brownies... but it didnt look like them.... and that was dinner last night! haha... so not healthy. but, welcome to africa.
i love you all,
elder magré

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