Monday, February 9, 2015

An interesting week in Africa!!!

Family friends!!!
dead serious, he is listening to wreaking ball!!! hahahaha!!! crazy week, as usual... africa is always full of surprises for us!! you just never know...
so, to start. we invited alfonse, our four foot 45 year old alcoholic investigator stopped drinking!!! yes!!! we set a baptism date with him so we are excited! we are going to give him some time, just to make sure he is really secure!!! The branch is taking care of prospere marriage situation which is awesome!!! so happy!
so, advedure time. Elder teaupa and i were teaching a lesson, and his pants ripped during the opening prayer! it was tough to teach because we just wanted to laugh!!!! haha,
so on friday we had elder dube from the first quorum of the 70 come to speak to us! it was awesome! he chastized the missionaries for five hours in english! and i got to chastize them in french because i was translating for him!!! it was awesome! elder dube started to call me his companion, because i did everything with him! i even did the interviews with other missionaries with him!! but i was exhausted by the end of it all. five hours of translating is really tough! the hard part is that sometimes he wouldnt let me finish the translating, or he would just talk foreer, and i would forget everything... but its ok. it was a really really good lesson on how to keep the spirit and reaching our full potential as missionaries!
so, last night elder teaupa and i were walking in a new part of our secteur and it was really nice. we call it little hawaii. it was a really rich area. we felt uncomfortable actually, it was weird. anyways, we found out that there is a super market there and also a pizzaria. so, today what did we do? we went and ate at pizza, and ice cream. it was awesome! we bought bacon pizza and vanilla banana ice cream!!! it was awesome! we ate like kings! then we went in the store and bought jam and butter, and cheese with beef! yes! beef!!!!
anyways, i love wuiti! im loving this area! the longer im here, the more i love it! so, its going gteat!
love you all, keep up the good work eat a pint of ben and jerrys for me.
love you,

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