Friday, October 17, 2014

Another week in Togo

family, friends,
you have no idea how happy i am that this week is over. the title explains my saturday perfectly.
but i guess ill start from tuesday.
our power cut out from about 500pm to about 1100 pm. that means we cant cook because we have no running water, and cant plan the next day because everyone just goes to sleep when the power cuts out. so we went and ate....pate! togos verson of fufu!!!! fit was really good. its just corn flour and water that they make into a dough that you dip into a sauce.
wednesday, we had no power either. for the entire day, so at night we went to a members house and had....pate! yeah!
i wont even tell you about my friday.... it was...weird
then saturday.....ohhhh man. it poured. i have never seen it rain so hard in my entire life. the streets were flooded in seconds. yes. seconds. and it started flooding our apartments. so personal study time, turned into save the appartment time! then we had to walk to our next appointment in ankle to lower calf high water. i took pictures! the streets were flooded. it was awesome. then that afternoon  we went to clean the church and i half way there, i realized that i wasnt wearing a tie... so we basically swam back to our appartment to get my tie. i felt so stupid.
sunday.... i thought this week couldnt get any worse, and it did. sunday i taught a really crawy guy. seriously. he was a missionary from some weird nigerian religion. so i taught him in english whiole my companion taught other lesson in french. the guy was really interested until i started talking about prophets. he stops me and asks "as a propher, have you discovered you gift?" i explained that i wasnt a prophet, but i belive that god has given us all gifts. then he says"let us pray and ask the holy spirit to visit us and tell you what your gift is" i told him that i would like to finish the lesson.
then, the guy starts singing a hymn. i finally bring it back to the lesson and he says ...deqd serious.."the holy spirit spoke to me. he told me that i need to go and preach the gospel to a prostitute house. would you and your companion like to join me?" at this point im laughing. i tried so hard not to laugh, but that pushed me over the edge. then
after some more sinigng and other stuff... i realized that we werent going anywhere.
then this morning i played soccer with members and missionaries in togo in the hot west african sun.
so family and friends that was my week. i hope yours was... just as exciting as mine
i love you all, and pray for you guys everyday
elder magré

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