Tuesday, September 30, 2014

This week flew by! it felt like yesterday i wrote to you guys. imhaving a ton of ufn. i love it here in togo,people are so nice, there is always a lot of sun.... im teaching a lot more now though. as i mentioned in my last letter,im teaching about four to five hours a day.
im eating really well. we have one of our investigators come and drop fresh bread off in the mornig. it is warm and delicous... and onlycosts 40 cents per loaf! so we usually get one or two each. i eat oat meal and bread with jam in the morning. they sell boxes of oat meal here, so i usually eat that.
 church is only twohours long... i really like that.
im glad you guys are having fun in france!
 we invited this investigator named chacha to getbaptized november 1! there is one ofour investigators who had a baptism date set, but is pregnant and not married... and itisnt her boyfriends either... even after all that she has been through, she still wants to be baptized!
the internet is really bad here, and im trying to send you this letter.
im staying healthy, and hydrated. im taking my doxycycline everyday.
ive eaten at a members house now three times. it was really good.
i hate doing laundry... but its a good arm work out

i love you and miss y ou guys!

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