Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Hello familly, friends! afunyarea? acéa? haha évé is so hard to learn!!!!
im loving it here! i love the peole, i love the food, i love the atmoshere, the sun,  and even washing laundry by hand!(ok maybe not the laundry)
it has been a crazy week, it has gone by so fast! the other day it was super hot and sunny, i was like"i dont need my rain poncho"... next thing i know, it was pouring rain. seriously. i was wondering where noah was because we were going to need an arc to get to our next appointment
it is seriously super hot here though, so the rain was nice.... until the streets were flooded and it got super humid.... and you know what, i love it.
ive been teaching a lot more this week wich is awesome. we have a baptism date set for this fifteen year old girl named shaolin (yes river, like your twitter name) she goes by chacha though. we are hoping to baptize her the 1st of november!
 we taught this lady named mary i call the hard core catholic lady that scqres me. her and my companion were bible bashing for about a minute or two then i started teaching her the first lesson. she was instantly listening to me, and i could tell that was feeling the spirit. after i finished, she started yelling at me! she told me that i didnt have the right to say my religion is the only correct religion on the earth. she than asked me who gave me the right to say that. i looked at her and said "god". she stopped talking pretty quickly, and got the idea that i wasnt here to mess around. she turned to my companion and started to yell at him again... anyways, we are meeting with her on wednesday. im terrified.
most of our lessons are acually taught outside next to the road. people pull out wooden stools and cynderblocs and we teach the lesson tight there.
i love this place. i love the hand shakes, and the fact that church is two hours long!

i love you all! hope you are all staying safe and taking your malaria pills!

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