Monday, September 22, 2014

Hello parents,
Its another crazy week. im getting used to the missionary life. its going good. im eating really well: ,e and one other missionary put out money together to cook food we like: they have a lot of french grocery store markets here like super u and champion,. we go there to buy jam; peanut butter...ect. the other day i made crepes oeuf jambon. unfortunatly i huad to use powdered milk. they came out really really good though: we didnt have ham either so we used hoyt dogs:. i am oonly using the filtered waterd for everything!!! the water is filtrered three ti,es;, and thn i filter it again with the water bottle they gave us at the mtc. im taking my malaria pills abnd sleeping under my net everyday.
it is really poor here. the roads are dirt and filled with trash. im teaching a lot though, except for my companion loves to talk, so i dont say a whole lot.
im having fun; and really trying to take care of my health. you can buy a lot of american products here...
i washd ,y laundry by hand. that was...interesting. it really works out your arms; and hands:
im having fun. i miss you guys, i think of you both everyday. elder potter, the a,erican im with said the days go by slow, but the weeks, and months go by fast. its so true: i miss you guys. im trying not to count down the days because i know that willmake the time go by slower:
i love you both so so so much, i hope you are staying sqfe!
love, alex

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