Tuesday, September 9, 2014

our first email.

Africa is crazy! its hot, humid, chaotic, and awesome!
I don't know where to begin! so much has happened. When we arrived in ghana and went through customs it was a disaster. people were pushing you all over the place and trying to force through customs. It was really a mess. people Were not speaking english! they were speaking a local dialect here! then there was the baggage recovery..... you littereally had to fight to get your bags. plus a lot of people lost there bags, because everything is so disorganized.
we went down stairs and met the guys from the Mtc. They told us to be careful taking our bags out side because people would try and help us for money... And of course, everyone went after my bag. I was yelling at them to get away from my bags, and a guy from the mtc came to my rescue...
the food here is ok. it is the same thing everyday. rice with some, and a side or rice and chicken. I'm serious. \that is what we eat for lunch and dinner everyday. Breakfast is the best meal. they give you the most delicous hot chocolate ever. they squeeze orange into it... soooo goood! but for breakfast we usually eat bread, and a hard boiled egg. \but the food here isn't very exciting.
We went to the temple today. It was really cool. My companion, Elder Lukonga from the Democratic republic of the Congo got his endowments out. Most of the missionaries here haven't gone through the temple yet. It was my first time going out side the Mtc compound.
Driving in west africa is scary... mom, you thought driving in paris was hard... you have no idea how difficult it is to drive here. people cut you off, drive super fast... and there are street merchants everywhere selling you stuff. The streets are really dirty.
ON the way back from the temple, we all bought a ton of chocolate from some street merchants. They were running right next to us and exchanging money as we were driving! Crazy
the power cuts out sometimes, but the Mtc has backup generators.
Everything is really exciting... so much to say with so little time! africa is super cool, crazy, chaotic... and I honestly love it sooo much. I will send som pictures...
Ohh yeah, i forgot about the ghettos! its so sad to see how some people liveit's really humbling. I havent had to wash my clothes by hand... yet. but they pay people to do our laundry which is awesome! I love you all so much and will send some pictures!

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