Monday, December 22, 2014

family! friends!!
three days till skype!!! haha!!
this week was awesome!! we had so many lessons, and we have a ton of investigators who are progressing!! i dont even know where to start!
on thursday we had to wake up at four in the morning to be at the stake center to get ready for our service project. the service project was to go and help clean up and just help out at an orphanage!!!! yes an orphanage! it was awesome! probably one of the coolest things ive ever done! seriously!
i helped clean up the library, and man, i have never breathed in so much dust and dirt!!!!! 
the orphanage itself though was pretty good. all of the children had clean clothes, and schooling paid for, even up to universities! they also had beds with malaria nets, and medicine... its sad, but people here in togo live in worst conditions...
afterwards we sang hims and played soccer with the children. it was sweet!
this week we fixed four baptism dates. but i want to talk about two of those investigators.
the first is olivier. olivier one day showed up to church all by himself. we have been working with him and he has really been liking the lessons!!! we fixed a baptism date for the third of january. he said he wants us to finish all of the lessons before he is baptized though. we were like "well, yeah!"
the next is sr. emmanuel. she is a refugee from the cote divoire. she is hiding from the government because she fought against the current government. she worked with the other missionaries, but didnt like them. then elder teaupa and i show up. she said, she is actually learning from us, and loves the way we teach her!!!
its been a great week! im super excited to speak to you guys in ewe on thursday and show off my sweet tan! haha... seriously, its awesome! elder teaupa still beats me though!
african love you guys!
elder magré

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