Monday, June 29, 2015

Togo Benin Togo



its been a weird week.
so, on tuesday we were at district meeting when Elder DIh comes up to me and asks me if i have an international drivers license. and if i knew how to drive stick. after i told him no, he says "ok, get one made now" then leaves. then tuesday night he calls me and says that he is picking me up and that there is stuff he needs to show me.
on wednesday they come and explain to me that im going to work in the togo office. so, this week ive been working in the togo office.
the good news is that the office is in an old senior couple appartment which means WASHING MACHINE!!!!! haha!!! and an OVEN!!!! im happy! plus ill be going to benin every now and then! but as elder dih said "im not transfered yet". so for now, im still in wuiti.
the week went well though,
we had hervés baptism this week which we were happy to have! everyone in his family is a member except for him, so it was nice to unte a family!
we were stressed that the baptism wasnt going to happen. all the members went to the ghana temple, and werent coming back till the day of the baptism.
so, on saturday we get there, and the font isnt filled, and its still super dirty. so elder atherton and i cancelled our first appointment to clean out the font and fill it up. then our branch president comes in and saves the day!!! he had just gotten home when he remembered about the baptism. he helped clean it out, and fill it up.
as the font was filling up, the water started to turn a redish color. turns out the water that was being pumped out of the ground was filled with clay. so, we had the baptism in clay water. it was almost a baptism in the river!!! haha! it was a great baptism!
that was probably the highlight of our week! and tomorrow begins a new one!!!
we have interviews with president morin this week. that should be exciting, and transfers are coming up on saturday. so, thats also exciting
hope you all have a great week,
i love you all,
elder magré

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