Monday, June 29, 2015




hey family, and friends,
of all of the weeks on the mission, its been one of them.
so, its rainy season... yup. its raining, and raining, and raining, and raining. i almost forgot what dryness feels like! its, okay, you get used to it. last p day i washed two white shirts, and they finished drying on friday because well.... they kept getting wet! haha,
so, the sister missionaries came on tuesday to district meeting... it was a really awkward district meeting... but thats okay...  tuesday was kind of a rougher day because our first two rendez vous fell through, and it was just raining, and raining... the thing about togolese, is that when it rains, they dont do anything. so, no one wants to talk to us when it rains. but after a little bit of time, it stopped, and we were able to teach vianey, and émile. emile, is so cool. he is oliviers best friend and he understands everything. we are planning to baptize him the 27th of june, if everything works out.
on wednesday we were walking by sainte rita, the big catholic church in our secteur. there was a little booth in front where they sell bibles and holy oil, water, ect. the basic catholic exercism kit. anyways. they sold bibles in pure ewe! so, you can bet your bottom dollar that i bought an ewe bible!
we saw yaovis brother hervé. He is probably my favorite investigator right now. yaovi is a member here in wuiti, who invited his brother to church. on saturday i called him to see if he was coming to church, and he says "i dont know, i have other plans and wont be able to make it" then on sunday, he is there before us.
so, on friday i did a baptism interview for this guy named mike. mike is a rapper and wanna be rasta man. haha, so funny. anyways, he showed us his rap video. he is really good. and the video was actually professionally made.
we saw tamara this week. she was really happy to see us, but it was super awkward. we havent seen her since our mangez vous at her house...
so, Germain has mad'e enough changes in his life to now get the M. priesthood!!! he is awesome! he has stopped drinking, somking, and is now active again in the church. let me tell you this, he is happy. when he was inactive he was not happy at all. in his own words "i thought i was happy". The gospel brings joy. Jesus christ brings joy. watching the change in germains life has made me realize this. the word of wisdom really is a commandment inspired from god. obey it. germain looks completly different now.
anyways,  sunday was good. however, all of our rendez vous fell through because of the rain.
rain, i hate you.
but i love you guys!

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