Monday, June 8, 2015

well, its been one of those weeks i guess. haha. on tuesday we wake up to flooded streets and pooring rain. we cant get out of the appartment at all. but, we have district meeting and the sisters are in our district. so i call them to make sure they were going to be there. after they confirmed, we put on our flip flops and sandles and began are journey to find a taxi. we walked for 10 minutes in the rain as we walked through this ankle high river of water. find a taxi, takes us to doumasese. our taxi turned into a boat. water was coming on the roof of our car. a guy was wading waist high in the middle of this paved road. i thought we were going to have to paddle our way to district meeting.
after arriving at district meeting, the sisters were not there. so, i called them. and they said that it was raining and that they werent coming. after some convincing, we waited the sisters for an hour. and they still didnt come. so, we turned around and did it all over again.
so, you can imagine why its been one of those weeks.
but hey, germain told us on thursday that he quit smoking! and that it had been a month since he hadnt had alcohol!!! he told us that he knew that god helped him. he explained that he was weak, but god gave him the strength to keep going! awesome!
anyways, we started to teach a guy named florant. he explained who he thought god was and then added "and we can know him through the scriptures". i smiled when he said. i replied back "ok, lets use the scriptures to know who god is" it was awesome. he asked so many great questions, and by the end of it, it made sense to him.
i got to work with elder teaupa this week in wuiti! he loved it! i loved it! elder atherton loved it! we had so much fun! preaching and teaching the gospel! haha, and we were just having so much fun, as well as the investigators. it was awesome.
so, overall the week was exciting up until sunday... we went to the congressional palace on sunday for stake conference. it lasted over four hours. it was so long... all the talks were a minimum of 30 minutes long. and the stake president talked for about45 minutes. president morin spoke. he spoke for five minutes. short and sweet. but to top it all off. the closing talk was ten minutes long. yes. i remember looking at my watch a couple of times. yeah, longest prayer ever. at the end of it everyone gave a sigh of relief. everyone called it the final talk after that... wow.
after that it rained.
so, overall great week. hopefully this one will be just as productive, and that we will have just as crazy.
anyways, love you all! keep up the good work,
love you all,
elder magré

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