Sunday, July 19, 2015


The debate is finished.Togo is better than Benin.
Yes i can now give my opinion.... From my first impressions of benin, i like togo better... i can say i got home sick of my beloved togo... haha.
Benin is weird. Its so much more developed, and much wealthier. But man.... Benin... Togo, things are cheaper, and its much more small town/city. Although, i never realized how poor togo was until i saw benin. Benin has a lot of paved roads, and a lot of five story buildings. however, the power does cut out a lot there.
 in my 24 hours that i was there... it cut out 2 times. Benin.... haha!!!
The drive to benin was actually really boring. just me, and a long straight road through the african a point in time though, we got to see the village built on a lake in benin. (cool story behind that. While the king of benin was selling his people into slavery, a few of the people built a city on a lake, so the king couldnt get to them...) key note togo is better because they dont sell their people into slavery....
overall, benin was good. Something that i thought was cool is that the missionaries in benin live in an apartment complex! where as here in togo we live in small house/apartments. Another reason why benin is better. The weird thing is that half of our mission is in Benin. I feel like my mission is just here in Togo, because its all i know. It was actually like i was in a hole different mission!
I got to meet some missionaries that i never even knew existed. Thats cool.
The rest of the week overall was good. We got to teach four lessons this week!!! Our investigator Valerie read the first 13 chapters of the book of mormon which is awesome! We are going to fix a baptism date with her this week! haha, She said she wasnt going to come to church today but she did!
This week i just accompanied my comp in all of the meetings he had to go to. Because president morin came to togo this week. He doesnt know lomé very well so we had to show him the waqy to every place we were going. so... that was exciting. haha. Pres morin is actually really funny.... Im not around him much, but ive come to realize that he jokes a lot.
So, this was my week. Ill tell you guys more later on the week.
But im off to benin tomorrow. So, ill let you guys know how that goes.
love you all
Elder Magré 

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