Sunday, July 19, 2015

I am driving in west Africa







Ladies, and gentlemen, 
im actually driving in west africa. if i could describe it in one word, it would be... lawless.... haha. because that is what it is. Rugged, lawlessness. its the wild wild
haha. At first it was stressful, but im getting it now. I've gotten used to driving a manual car... and im getting used to the way traffic works here. People move for motorcycles, motorcycles for cars, and cars for crazy drivers! 
haha! i am exhausted! Working in the office here is nuts! we have no time at all. im serious. On friday here is how are day was planned. Office in the morning, go back for lunch, go drop off some packages, and teach a couple lessons. here is what happened. at 6 we get a call from missionaires in Apedokoe (seriously.... its a village out there..) saying we need to take them to baguida for patriarchal blessings. then we need to stop at Adidogome. then go to akodessewa to drop stuff off. go to anfame to pick something off, stop at souza to drop it all off, and go back to adidogome, and then end it all at apedokoe. we started at 7 in the morning.
 we got back at 3 in the afternooon.... then i went to the office. and did something. we got back exhausted. 
That is how it has been everyday. We plan, but then everything gets mixed up....
yesterday we were able to teach though! We have started teaching in Agoi. ITs out there man! almost village... haha... IT actually belongs to the sister missionaries, but since its to far for them, we have taken it over. We taught a guy who said he was baptized at snow college... but he obviously wasnt because he said they gave him a new name at his baptism and a whole lot of other nonsense... it was cool though....  
then we taught a members family. They all came to church today which was cool. 
My ward contains every missionary in the zone. seriously. we have 12 missionaries in our ward...
there are 16 missionaries total in the zone here. so... its exciting.
but the cool part is that we are in an ACTUAL CHURCH BUILDING!!! We arent in a rented house!!! its awesome!!!
But all is well here in Togo! Tomorrow im going to cross the boarder and go to Benin! haha! (that is why i am writing you all today, since i wont be able too tomorrow)  Im going to see the beninois!!! I will be in the country that created voodoo!!! the voodoo capital of the world!
Overall, its been a crazy week. its busy here in the office. not that i wasn't busy before, but i was busy in a different way!! 
so, next time i write, ill let you guys know about the stuff i saw in benin!!
I love you all, 
stay safe, its a crazy world at there ( and driving in africa gives me that right to say that)
so long my Yovo's
Elder Magré



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