Monday, April 18, 2016

I got transferred

I got transfered? already? what? nooo! leave me alone!!!!



so, i got transfered. Yeah, I only spent five weeks in Akpakpa. Its all good though. Im going to miss it over there. So, I just arrived in my new area. Its called Zogbo-menotin. Its more in the center of cotonou. 3 Months ago, if you would of asked if I would ever serve in benin, i would of laughed. and here I am in my second area in Cotonou! what!
So, im working with Elder Kadima from the DRC (Congo). He is a pretty rad guy. Elder Kola is training a new american. so, good for him.
So, my week went pretty well! Last week we taught a good amount of lessons. Elder Kola and I turned that area around. So, im happy I left Akpakpa better than I found it!
So, this week was interesting. On tuesday I get a call from Elder Phillips. He said "hey, my comp saw some Elders on Motos" (Motos are motorcycles. motos and motorcycle taxis are everywhere here in west africa. The inter region has said that if you get on a moto you get sent home) So, Elder Phillips didnt really know what to do. so I told him to call president.
So, this last week Elder Phillips and I had to do some investigating for him because he need more witnesses to be sure that the elders took motorcycles. So, that was exciting.
So, In akpakpa there is a village built in the middle of a lake here. so, we didnt know where it was. but now we do. we started going to the northern part of our area and we just ran into it. so, we contacted a guy that lived there. It was cool. teaching people in the middle of a lake.
so, lastly we started teaching this guy named Pierre. Pierre Is almost blind. He can see nothing. but, we started teaching him and invited him to church. so, sunday we went to pick him up (since you cant tell a blind guy to meet you there). he got into the chapel and started to cry. this was the first time he had been to church in years. He cried three times!!! It was insane! He even cried when I said that i was transfered! He was like "How can you leave me after BRINGING ME BACK TO CHRIST" that phrase hit me. It really helped me see the importance of 2. my call as a missionary. So, the guy is probably going to get baptized... but im here in Zogbo.
anyways, Menotin is cool. we live next to a super busy road so all day long i hear motorcycles and trucks driving by!
so, i love you all!
Elder Magre
below is a picture of ruths baptism!!!



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