Monday, April 18, 2016


Transfered to the Nigeria Calabar mission



Lol, Jamais. Nope im still in the Benin cotonou mission. and thats still cool.... 
So, its been a pretty good week. Today was a lot of fun. We woke up and did everything we had too, then our comp asked if we wanted to go to Tokpa (the huge market here in Cotonou). So, as an apartment we went and had a fun time. The market really is pointless, but its a great place to buy shoes, white shirts, watches, belts, pants... and super nice dirt cheap suits. plus its nice to get out of the apartment and see something else.
so, We had another baptism. It was unexpected but Floride (one of the houndjo daughters) was totally ready. we had nothing else to teach her, and she hasnt missed church once. So, we asked her if she was ready and she said yes. so saturday we had her baptism and a confirmation on sunday. 
We are planning on baptizing her mom the 16th. The struggle is that the mom doesnt speak french, so teaching is harder since we need to bring members to translate... and members start going off on other subjects. example: a simple lesson on the restoration can quickly lead to a lesson about chastity. how? its intresting what a conversation about the apostasy can lead to. haha.
but, everything is going well though. We are still teaching yannick. he is progressing really well. It seems like everywhere we go, we see him. today at the market we saw him on his moto.
so, life is going well. Im happy here. I do miss togo. ITs been two months since ive left, but I do miss Togo. But I do like benin a lot. Its two different missions. How the mission works in togo, is so much different than how it works in benin. its weird. but, I like it, and the work is the same.
I love you all, stay safe!
Avec beaucoup d'amour, 
Elder Magré😘

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