Thursday, September 3, 2015

A crazy week

Its been a CRAZY week at the office!!!


 OH man, I honestly dont know how to tell you guys how much fun ive had this week.absurd.its been a fantastic week!
So, On monday we drove to benin. We got there, had our office meeting, and then just hung out at the office all day. I got to meet the new missionaries. They came to do the trainer/trainee meeting. New missionaries are so funny! Its just so awesome to see how enthusiastic they are about the work! Anyways, president announced that on thursday we were going to go to kpalimé again with him! So, we were super excited!
Tuesday, we went back to togo. nothing to exciting
on Wednesday we had a training for all of the District leaders, and taught them the importance or what they have to do.
ok, now the fun part. Kpalimé with president. so, Elder dih, teaupa, merrill, and me, wake up super excited to go to kpalimé. And president calls us and tells us that we are going in missionary clothing. We were kind of mad because well... kpalimé is a little to rugged to be wearing our missionary clothing. but we went with it.
So, we drove to kpalimé and went to the first waterfall, the same ones I had been before. It was cool. we had a lot of fun.
Then we went to waterfall number 2 (this is where it gets crazy. so, we driving up a mountain. the road is super narrow, and its a sheer cliff on one side of the road, and its of course dirt and rocks. but we made it safely up this mountain. we get there, and it starts pouring rain. Super duper hard! We walk a little way to like a visitor thing, where a bunch of white guys are living. They make chocolate and stuff like that.
So, its pouring rain, and the guide takes us to see the waterfall. so we start walking through the rain in our missionary clothing THROUGH AN AFRICAN VILLAGE BUILT IN THE MOUNTAINS (mud huts and everything) to go see a waterfall.
The waterfall was amazing. so cool. It was really big, and it was just outstanding.
on the way back to the visitor place we had to walk through rivers, and climb over dead trees (in our missionary clothes). so, we got back wet, and super excited about what had just happened.
Then we drove down the mountain. I thought I was going to die. The road was now muddy, and it was still super narrow. and water was flying off the mountain.
towards the bottom of the mountain we stopped to see a third waterfall.
And you guys wont believe what we saw.
So first we heard a noise. the guide said that they were CHIMPANZEES!!!!!!! and then we saw them in the trees jumping around. they were way to far away to get a good look at them, but you could still see the figures and them moving around in the trees!!!!
How awesome is that!!!
But, my day wasnt over.
The brakes on our truck broke. just enough to get us back to lomé... safely
so, Im not going to lie, I have the best mission in the world. Africa is crazy, and I love it.
I hope you all have a great week! I love you all,
Elder Magré


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