Monday, January 25, 2016

Hello 2016

hello. 2016!!!!!!! man oh man, its finally here


I dont know where to start! its been a pretty crazy week here in West Africa! I hope you all had a great new years and had a lot of fun! i know I did!!!
So, on monday we were supposed to come down to Benin to do some planning and other stuff. But right before we were about to leave we got a phone call saying that something came up and that we were no longer needed. so, Monday turned into the Bruno Mars song "today i swear im not doing anything!" because besides laundry, and cleaning, and going to do a little office work, we literally did nothing.
tuesday was really awesome. We taught Dele on obedience... which turned into another conversation about why Alcohol and Pot are not good. But he is making an effort to stop. but, its all in a days work. 
We taught Fabrice and Paul about chastity. (With new years coming up, we wanted to let all of our investigators know that "these are the things that they should do") I know they understood.
We met up with the Eastwards, a family from nigeria that was just recently baptized, and we watched the movie on how the church started in Nigeria. They loved it! It was awesome.
Wednesday we taught dele again... He didnt get the message about Pot because his Hat had a big pot plant on it.... maybe next time.
Something exciting! we Brought a sick sister missionary to the hospital! 
So, The 31st was a massive party. We tried teaching our investigator Fabrice again at the church, but the stake center was having a huge party. which we assisted because fabrice, paul, and dele attended! it was a lot of fun! the primary children dressed in traditional outfits and did traditional dancing to some african pop music.
the 1st we went to blaise's house in the village in Djagble. so that was fun.
SOm one of the sister missionaries (different sister than before) got sick and we had to take here to the hospital. well I got sick the same day. Like pretty bad. So, having to take care of the sister, while being sick. was not fun. But, Its all in a days work.
sunday, we went to church then back to the apartment because i was sick.... still.
Now i feel better, and im in benin!
So, that was my week in a nutshell!
I love you all,
Ill see you guys later this year!
Elder Magre

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