Monday, August 17, 2015

Transfert week

So, i dont really know where to begin. Its transfer week. (or as eveyone in the office calls it, hell week). so, im excited. getting to take missionaries to there new apartments, and being apart of an international transfer! pretty cool. unfortunatley I lost Elder sagers. He finished his mission. It was actually really sad. one I got on the mission, sagers was celebrating one year. Now. Evo. finished.
so, the week started off with a typical drive to benin to work on the transfers, and for our office meeting. afterwards i just hung around the office and watched the other office elders work. 
On tuesday we went back to togo. Elder dih and I have the crossing boarder thing down. When I first got here, it took us 30 minutes to cross. now, it takes us ten. How you may ask? Everyone at the border knows us. for example, on the togo side, when I need to get my passport stamped they dont even ask questions they just stamp it. I also need to register the car at the border. when I go to do that they say "just go" haha. On the benin side, they just look at my passport stamp it, and fill the sheet out by themselves. 
When I cross the border im on my own. Elder Dih goes by foot, and I go by car. we cant be together. As bad as this sounds, I really like it. haha. its like im being a rebel. but in reality im not. Its just us obeying the law of the land. Anyways, Its a pain.
Also every police officer at every check point knows us.( when you picture an african check point, picture a police officer with an AK47, and a bunch of car tires in the middle of the road) one police officer stops us and says to us "My friends, you dont stop to say hi to me anymore! whats wrong?" anyways, its nice. 
on thursday we went on splits. I worked with Elder Adjei from Ghana. He is one of my favorite missionaries from ghana. We were able to teach two lessons!!! which were fantastic. I really miss teaching. One of the down falls to being in the office. but its alright.
While I was with Adjei another police officer pulled me over for running a green light. I hate police officers in Africa. Be thankful for police officers in the states, because they are not punk bandits.
Anyways, Elder Adjei is cool. He is suffering with his companion. His companion is one of the zone leaders, and he has let his calling get to his head. so I think it was a nice break for him.
We ended thursday by dropping off cleaning supplies to all of the apartments.
on Friday, we dropped off cleaning supplies again to the apartments that were a little far, and that we werent able to do.
Then we had to Bring one of the emergency transfered missionaries to benin, so he can get on his airplane back home. Worst thing I have ever had to do. I was so thankful that it wasnt me.
We ended up leaving late because his visa wasnt ready. We got to Cotonou at about 830 at night. (in my mission that is when we have to be back at our apartments). We ate at the mission home then we went to sleep in the benin office elders apartment. 
In the morning, President Morin asked us to go to the Benin Mormon helping hands activity. I left my camera in benin, so i didnt get any pictures...
But it was fun. I met a lot of missionaries i Didnt know.  We ended up cleaning a massive roundabout, and removing all of weeds and painting the trees white, and the rocks white too.
then we drove back to togo.
Yesterday we had two mangez vous.They were for Elder sagers.  The first one we waited two hours. Finally the member came, took a picture with Elder Sagers and thanked him. the second one was and actual mangez vous. We ate pasta with chicken. It was great.
So, its been a nother productive week. And this next week will be just as productive.
Oh, i saw to motorcycle taxi drivers almost get in an accident. they both got off their motorcycles and break out in a fight. It was sad. but othe people broke them up. and the police officer just slowly walked over and yelled at them, and... well justice was served.
So, I love you guys, and I hope you have a great week.
Watch out for road rage, its dangerous.

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