Sunday, October 18, 2015

Hello from Benin

Hello from cadjehoun, Benin

Hello everybody!
Its been a while. or as they say in ewe. bedeg bebe do. (and now you
reply back duog bedeg be).
well, the week is finally over. Three international transfers and lone
emergency transfer later, its finally over. I never want to deal with
that ever again. because its just exhausting. I dont think you realize
how frustrating it is to cross a boarder with a bunch of missionaries
who dont know what they are doing.
so,  as for the emergency transfer, one of the new missionaries wanted
to go home, so we moved him to our apartment. qnd we kicked elder
jeneseri out. he was mad. anyways, elder Bailey is now training? I
guess he might train the new missionarie with presidents permission.
its not official. Elder Bailey is so happy though. he has never had
any responsibility before on the mission, so he is really hoping to be
able to train.
We got a baptism!!!! hooray!!!!! Fabrice was able to get baptized on
saturday. HE had his interview that morning, and then he was baptized
that afternooon. It was a little last minute with the interview, but i
knew it was going to work out. he has such a strong testimony. Lets
face it, the guy walks two hours to hear us. If he wasnt interested,
he would never do that!
ON sundqy he got up qnd bore his testimony on the church. it was so awesome!!!
Life is well though. excited for next week. President morin is coming
to togo, so we will be going to mission council with him, new trainer
meeting, a lot of splits, and a meeting with the stake president. So,
im excited.
I hope conference went well for you. Sounds like it was exciting.
three new apostles. its no longer the quorum of the 9 Apostles.
SO, I hope you guys have a great week.
Read the scriptures, go to church, pray....
love you guys,
Elder Magre


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