Sunday, October 18, 2015

One year!!!!

a year in review



well. its official. last friday I hit my one year mark! its crazy. I honestly cant believe that ive already done one year on my mission. I dont know where the time has gone. It seems like yesterday I was arriving in Ghana, and watching people fight for luggage at a baggage claim.
A lot has happenend. and my point of view has changed. arriving here, I thought I was going to be teaching in african villages, and baptizing in rivers... while taking pictures of me and lions. but sadly no. I thought I was going to be serving in benin!! but, to my surprise, Im serving In togo. not even in the same country I was called too. (I could still serve in Benin though... but from what ive seen of benin, I like togo better).
But this past year I have grown to love the people here in west Africa as well the culture. I am so thankful for all of the people I have met, and for all of the friendships I have made that will last through the eternities.
I have also learned so much about rastafarianism. interesting...
so, my week itself went well.
It was really interesting because we didnt really have a car to do our... job...
so, we were working in our area!!!! it was great, we took some time to go and see some of our investigators.
So, on the 19th of september we should have three or more baptisms. we are planning and praying for five, but we never know!!!
Two of the guys we are teaching are named David and Eric. we taught them the restoration and invited them for baptism. They loved it so much, and they felt the spirit so strong that they excepted. our next rendez vous we taught them, and they invited one of their friends as well!!!
the next is amouzou. we have been working with him for a while. He is having some trouble coming to church since he lives really far, has no money, and has a serious handicap on his left leg.... but he came on sunday. so, we were really happy to see him!
So, we went to souza this last week to go pick something up. and I saw that someone that looked really familiar. She was the niece of Eric! one of  my converts. He had invited her to his baptism. anyways, she was having her baptism interview. at the end of the interview, the sister missionaries asked who she wanted to baptize her, and she pointed to me!
so, i got to baptize her, and her younger brother! it was such a cool experience. I had taught the uncle, and the uncle gave me a contact that I had sent, and i was later able to baptize them. Sadly, I wasnt able to get any pictures of the baptism. but one of the sister missionaries has it, so, ill try and get it from her.
So, Later that day, we went on splits in bekpota. and i actually saw eric. He wasnt able to come to the baptism because of work. but As I was walking he pulled up next to me on his moto! I was so surprised!
overall it was a great week!
So, again, i cant believe that my mission is half way over. Its shocking.
But, Im thankful to be here. I love the work im doing, and im so thankful for all of your help and support! I Hope year number 2 will be just as great and crazy as year number 1.
With love,
Elder Magre

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