Monday, November 3, 2014

Alex's first baptism

family!!!!! friends.
wow productive week! really stressful.... last week i had the idea to hold a baptismal service here at the church in kodjoviakope so we spent a lot of week planning and inviting people to prepare for this baptismal service!! and it was a success!!!! when we arrived though to start preparing the baptismal service the baptismal font was over flowing with elder potter and i grabbed buckets and started emptying it out... great work out. the servcice was awesome though, elder kognani and i were able to baptize our investigator luc, the eight year old boy whos sister is a member. we also had one of elder potter and elder gnamniens investigator baptized!!!! it was awesome. we honestly thought that it was going to be a disaster and it wasnt!!!! the lord realy wanted this baptism to happen! a lot of members came, and a lot of our investigators as well!!!! It was so exciting!!! 
on sunday i got ot watch one session of general conference, it was the sunday morning session. it was awesome! they talked a lot on sustaining prophets!!!!! the problem is that they dont tell us when we are going to watch general conference, so when we invite people to church and then general conference is playing, our investigators have a lot of questions... thankfully though, we had the cds and were able to tell most of them.
We have a lot of new investigators, and most of them were able to come to the baptismal service. we should be hiolding another service the 15th and the 22nd!!! so we are staying super busy with all of our investigators.
ok, this just happened. as im writting this email, the power cut out, thank goodness that our email has auto save!!!!
anyways, before i was interrupted by togos power problem, i was going to explain how i have never gone door to door. nope, we actually have so many investigators that all of our time slots are filled up. haha, so we dont ever just walk around! its awesome.
really busy and crazy week. elder potter is happy to be going home soon. he is leaving me his washboard and laundry bag plus some other usefull african survival stuff.... 
great week though. thanks for all of the letters and for all of your love and support.
elder magré


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