Monday, November 24, 2014

It's Hot in Togo

Alexandre Magre

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It is so hot here!!! seriously, it is so so so hot. 29 Celsius i am sweating like a grease monkey!!! its the dry season and larmatan is coming (larmatan is when the wind from the sahara desert carries sand down to the rest of africa and makes it super dusty and covers the sun.... and makes it super hot!!)
haha, so my week was really productive!
on thursday we got a call from our wone leaders telling us to not go out friday morning at all because a political march was going on and riots were going to break out all over lomé.... then we told him that we dont go out on friday morning anyways because its a planning session day...
nothing happened though, we were able to go out that afternoon and teach all of our lessons.
yesterday we had a stake conference. it was a broadcast for all of the stakes here in africa. it was packed! they kicked all of the missionaries out so that more people could havez seats, and then they started kicking other members out!!! it was packed!
elder bednard and uchdorf spoke on tradition. they said that africa has a lot of traditions in line with gospel teachings... and a lot that arent. like the dowry. they explained that as members we are not to participate in the dowry because it prevents people from getting married. they said that if a dowry is required by law, like in togo, you should make it a small sum so people can get married! expédit showed up! poor guy! everytime he has come to church it has been a broadcast of some sort! he probably thinks that all we do is watch tv for church!!! haha!!! seriously!
we invited expédit to be baptized, he still isnt sure though, he has a testimony, is reading the book of mormon but is still having trouble breaking his firm catholic belief...
i saw a voodoo shrine yesterday.. they always make me laugh super hard. elder potter saw one where they killed a chicken and put it on a cross! weird stuff!
today we had a mangez vous at a members house! we had fufu, and futu and a whole lot of fish sauce! and we ate african style! we all shared a plate and ate with our hands!!! it was really good! but they we ate it was kind of gross! haha, it was fantastic! i took a ton of pictures!!
anyways it was a great week, i hope you have all had a fantastic week! i hope everything is going good!
i love you all so much! i miss all of you!
elder magré


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