Monday, July 25, 2016

Back to Togo

The promise land


well, im back in togo!!! HOORAY!!!!! oh, how i missed this little
country! and how it has changed so much in five months! i love you
togo!!! But, like ive said before, Benin and Togo are strangly
different. Togo is seriously a villiage!!!
So, i found out who my companion is! It is the one, and only Elder
Bretherton! in case you forgot, elder bretherton trained me to work in
the togo office, and was the benin office elder while i was in the
togo office! we are having a lot of fun, but are working hard in the
Im working in doumasséssé. they kicked the sister missionaries out,
and put in elders, so we have been a little lost for the past week
because we didnt even know how the areas where divided. its been
getting better though. Our DMP has been a hugh help for us. we are
locating where invistigators, live, and our getting used to our way
around Doumasséssé. its actually a pretty big secteur, that is kind of
close to the ghana boarder. its funny because Doumasséssé is  next to
kodjoviakopé (my first secteur) and wuiti (my second sectuer). so
visiting converts and members shouldn't be too difficult. One of my
old investigators is coming to church here in Doumassésse, (he was
never baptized because of his marriage problem) so, we are going to
start teaching him again.
its weird, because I know almost all of the members here in
doumassesse. When the members saw me they said "youre still here? we
thought you were done"... nope, just 3 more weeks!!! hahaha!!!!
So, today We had a zone activity to kpalimé! It was fun! kpalimé is
north of lomé, and has awesome waterfalls! it was my fourth time
going, so, that was fun!
so, thats been my week!
I love you guys so much!
Elder Magre