Monday, July 25, 2016

I played Rugby

yed rugby in africa!!! and it was fantastic


Now, it wasnt tackle. I would of loved that. But we did play a lot of touch rugby. It was a lot of fun. it feels good.
so, another week has ended, and a new one is starting! where to start!
On tuesday i had a flash back to my old togo office days. So, now the zone funds have to cover all of the missionaries medical transport, and utilities bills, so tuesday morning, Elder Arek, Elder Mukendi and I got in a taxi and went and dropped off the money the missionaries needed, and we picked up the stuff we had too.
I had a really special experience though this last week! One of my converts (david from kelegougan) called! I actually called him back since phone calls are expensive. It was so awesome. I talked to him and Lodonou, another convert in kelegougan who had an alcohol problem. It was so great. but, i got kind of uncomfortable because they wouldnt stop thanking me! I honestly didnt do a whole lot... I dont think my converts realize how much they helped me! They changed my life! They helped convert me more to the gospel! it was awesome.
we had interviews with president this week. He did ours as an apartment. he was going to do them as companionships, but since we are three in the apartment, and elder mukendis mini missionary was sick, we did it just us three. It went well.
we had a lot of great lessons this last week. Wilfred is still progressing really well, and Lamisse also. she just needs to come to church! she is scared to ask her boss to let her off work to come.
so life is good here in menontin. Im now in my last few weeks, and im trying to make it to the end. one day at a time.
I love you all!
Elder Magre


  1. Please share the pictures of this trip with us too.
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