Monday, July 25, 2016


Welcome to the good life


Jun 20
Afon gan gia? Its been another week here in benin. a lot happened this week. but, it was good.
So, last monday after writing home last monday We left for jericho to do a split overthere. I worked with elder MIller, and his companion came and worked with Elder Arek. 
Jericho is cool. a lot of muslims... seriously, everyone is muslim. I remember arriving in Akpakpa and being like "wow, everyone here is muslim" but Jericho wins. It was good though, I went to the district meeting, and then we went and ate at festival de glace in jericho. we ate pizza and ice cream and had big smiles on our faces.
on wednesday and thursday it was just a basic day in the area. we taught Esther and prepared her for her baptism. so, that was nice.
We did another split in fidjrosse also. I worked with elder hansen here in menontin and elder arek left for fidjrosse with elder adjo. so, we've done a lot of splits this week. but, it mixes things up... 
Esthers baptism went well. she invited her friend Fatima which was good.
Elder Mukendi baptized severain, who was one of my investigators in zogbo. so, that was great to see him baptized.
Life is good though. we are still working hard, and trying to persevere. elder arek and I both go home in less than three months.... so, we are trying to persevere at this point.
I love you all and hope you have a great week!
bybye looo