Monday, November 30, 2015

Follow me to Kinshasa!!!!!

follow me to Kinshasa if you want to speak Lingala

Hello everyone,
I dont speak lingala, so, im not even going to try.
i dont even know where to begin! this week has been a really great week, and really productive!
So, on tuesday We drove back to Togo. just so everyone knows, Lome is a village. it a giant village. but, its a good place! When we got back to togo, we went to the embassy so i could get pages added to my passport. Elder Dioulo was loving it. He got to go into the embassy and it was something that he had never experienced before. We get into the embassy and they have us show our passports, and turn off our phones, and give them to security. then we had to go through multiple metal dectors and so on and so forth. Elder Dioulo had a little taste of the united states.
Anyways, after going through what felt like airport security, they gave me a piece of paper, and told me to set an appointment set. so, wednesday i went back to the embassy, and had my appointment and got pages added. but i needed to go back on thursday to pick it up... so, they know me really well at the embassy now.
so, Do you remember how last year I went to an orphanage for a service activity? well, we are doing it again this year. so wednesday morning elder Dioulo and I drove to the Orphange and talked to the pastor who runs it to see if he would be okay with it. which he was! It was cool. 
So, wednesday night I had one of those moments where I just couldnt take it anymore... We had a great lesson with the okuy family (which i'll explain a little bit later) and we went to go teach a lady named laura. we drove up to her house, and i saw a couple guys who looked like some bandits. So, i decided to turn on the car alarm. Which i never do... So laura wasnt home. We turn around and I try to turn off the alarm. and it doesnt turn off. so, i try again. again nothing. we couldnt turn off the car alarm... but we had our next appointment not to far away, so we got in the car and drove off with the car while the car alarm is going off. so, now everyone in kelegougan thinks we stole the car... 
we show up to our bishops house, and now David and Eric ask us if we stole our own car. so, we locked the car, and the alarm stopped, but it was still activated. so, we went in and sang some hymns with David, Eric and our bishop. during this whole time, im super frustrated and angry. After singing a couple hymns and praying to have god let the car disappear or to have the alarm problem stop, i had the feeling that everything was going to be okay. and so i thought that ment that i was going to go outside, and that car alarm wasnt going to be set.. which i was wrong. we go outside, and again same problems. we are stealing our car. We were going to bring the car to blaise (the guy who fixes missionnaries problems) because he has an extra pair of keys, so, he could turn off the car alarm. but, if we drive the car the way it is, a police officer is going to stop us and arrest us. Then i had the feeling that I needed to open the hood of the car. when I did, we found the place where the noise comes out of. so what did we do? we cut the wires! so, now the sound is gone, but the alarm is still on. but now we dont have a car alarm going off, so people wont think that we stole the car anymore. from there we go to blaise is house, and he was able to get it to stop. 
So, everything worked out! God heard my prayer! Hooray!
on thursday we went to teach in agoe, but we got super lost. but, hey, we got to our rendez vous an hour late! but thats not a big deal because thats almost on time here!
we saw dele... He smokes.... So, just a little bump in the road, but it will all work out.. 
So, we had a great lesson with the Okuy Family. We talked about the apostasy and the restoration. After the lesson brother Okuy and sister happiness where smiling! the spirit was super strong during that lesson!
on saturday we went back to Agoe! this time,  we were on time, so, we were able to have a great lesson!
this week we taught a lot of lessons! which is a huge blessing for us! We have a lot of baptism dates set, we got a lot of member referals, and a lot of new investigators! so our sectuer is moving now! we have a secteur!!!! hoooray!!!!
Thanks for everything you guys do for me! it means a lot!
car alarms are probably the worst invention ever!
I love you guys,
Elder Magre

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