Saturday, November 7, 2015


it was halloween this week, and my oldest son, now has one year on his mission. (elder teaupa is my fils). They dont celebrate haloween here. its poor, and people cant spend money on candy to give to children. (and people would rather have the money, then candy in all honesty) the average togolese person lives on 200 francs a day. thats about 45 cents. so, you can imagine. they monthly salary for a police officer is 120 dollars a month. and they have to pay housing, food, and other necessities for there families.
i celebrated it with elder bailey, the american i live with. (i was acutally in the mtc with him). we put on our boumbas and ate candy in our living room and talked about how next year we will be back home!
dad said he did some research on how i want to go into addiction recovery. it sounds like its going to be a lot of work! haha, but ive come to realize that it is something i love doing. I want a career where i will be able to help people. my patriarchal blessing says that i will have a profession where i will help many people with their pains and sorrows. so, i think that is what i need to go into.

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